Wednesday, 10 July 2013


N Level are coming and my school prelim are arriving in a few week time. On 16 July will be my English oral and 5 august will be my Chinese oral which i have the most but have to score well to get a better course. July is quite a short month because time have being passing very fast like today is Monday then suddenly a blink of a eye it is Sunday night time already ! Had plan for my future a head , After n level i will be either studying overboard at US or stay in Singapore and go poly and ITE ( TBC) again , after i have received my n level result. I had left only a few month in my secondary school like 2 to 3 month and i will be free from torture and nagging but all this is too get A and pass my subject and get a place in poly. So now i have only start my revision on my geography and my math , rest of the subject i have not start revising i think i can drop to the bottom if i am not careful with where i am standing. So now the main course to eat is My N level oral which is the most important because it holds 20% of my result for my language. Will be continuing tomorrow so do catch up on my update :D