Hi everyone, 
I'm Benjamin a.k.a IONIC_CONG 

Welcome to my blog :)

I'm a Singapore Part time Lifestyle Blogger. 
Currently Still Studying at Republic Poly but would still make time for Blogging. 

I'm Born on 23 March 1997 , in Indonesia Jakarta and soon was relocated to Singapore.
That makes me a Indonesia Chinese but I don't really eat Spicy food. 
*(Not All Indo Eat spicy)  

I adopt this name IONIC_CONG since secondary school days after knowing the term name IONIC in a chemistry lesson, hence since then on I, name myself IONIC_CONG for my Social Media Name

Decided to blog under the moonlight.
Blogging is part of my life and I enjoyed sharing moments and interesting stuff with all my readers.
Currently, I blogged for Food,Entertainment,Technology,Event and staycation.


Besides Blogging, I'm socially active on Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook.
Using all these amazing social apps, I was able to spread my stories across effectively to my friends and readers.

Would really love to collaborate with you guys to craft out an interesting story for all the readers here ;)

Hope you enjoy reading my blog 

Business/Inqury Email : Yicong1@live.com

Social Media:
Instagram : @IONIC_CONG
Twitter : @yicong1 

Benjamin a.k.a IONIC_CONG

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