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New-cation at Parkroyal on pickering street (Singapore)

5.......4.......3......2......1 Happy New Year and say goodbye to 2015 and let's welcome 2015

Hey, guys welcome back to 2016, it's a New Year which means it's a new change for a better world and also for a new post on my blog.  *Hope everyone enjoyed the countdown with your love ones.

Today blog topic is a bit special, which would be my first stay-cation of the Year (2016)  in Singapore *Yeah you heard it right my stay-cation in Singapore not overseas, haha *

Staycation Venue: Parkroyal hotel on pickering street

Address: 3 upper Pickering street Singapore 058289
Tel : +65 6809 8888
 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐hotel with lot's of great facilities and best service
Price range:  SGD 290/night Superior Room
                                            SGD 350/night Premier  Room                      
                  SGD 440/night Junior Suite
Click here to find out the different type of room and price:
*Prices above are not subjected to 7% GST and service charge 10%
 This Stay-cation has a bit of a twist.
Few question you guys would be wondering: Hmmm so why would I want a staycation in Singapore? Why do I choose this hotel? What's in the hotel? How is my stay like with Park royal?
Yeah, all of your questions will be answered with some twist and experience I had with this Awesome Hotel in Singapore.

Ring it's already 9 am and I woke up with my alarm song by Adele (HELLO) HAHAHA so I wash up, changed into my daily wear and soon it's already 10 am. So I packed my mini luggage and move out from home and to the hotel at Clarke Quay. As soon as I got on the car it's already 1030 am and-and my brain alarm clock buzz off as I remembered that I had a booking for my spa treatment by St. Gregory - (The hotel spa), I book their Indonesian Balinese Massage which lasted for 60 min. The main treatment of this massage is to focus on the deep tissue of our body and help to release my soreness of my muscles which the day before I stand for the entire day. Hiazzzzzz * I slept during the massage haha, soon after the massage was a hot tub bath with salt water and took a peak on my phone it's already 12.30 pm which mean time to check-in to the hotel. Okay, let's rewind time to happen before going to the massage when I alight from my car the bell man was so kind he helped me by opening the car door and with my minication luggage I brought. So he brought me to the counter and ask if I can put my luggage here first while I go for my mini treatment then I checked in and they were delighted and said: yeah sure, just put your luggage here first and enjoy the spa massage. So after my massage, it's already 12.30 pm I changed and when down and proceed with my check in. When I was at the counter I was greeted by this lady in her mid 20 and she said: Good afternoon, asked for the payment details and also get my room prepared. She was so kind, she asked me to take a seat and asked if I would like to have any drinks.
While I sit down and enjoy that ice cold lemonade, they were preparing my details and preparing my room. After a few minute, the room was prepared and I was handed the room key to my room and they got someone to help with my minication luggage and guided me to my room. * By the room the room I managed to get was a Junior suite and I requested for something special and they really got me by surprise when I opened my Room door*
The Junior Suite really surprised me with a great view of the park view and the room itself come with a very spacious suite with its both lounge area and bedroom that are separated and also, the bedroom is really a to die for. Cause the bathroom  is so luxurious as the mirror is like a make up mirror and also the why to shower has many different type of option like a separate shower stall and bathtub HAHA, as well as refreshing bath amenities *Their soap is really a must to try , I had to keep calling room service for more soap cause I have been using it for my bath tub soaking with the foam.

So after my soaking in the bath tub was time to invite my classmate over for a Class farewell party as wee all will be graduating soon in 2 month time. So the twist to this stay-cation was a farewell party to my class. About 3.30 pm a few already, reach the hotel lobby and I kind of accidentally took a short nap and ignore their call and messages. HAHAHA I swear the bed is damned good plus with that park view I fall into a short nap.  After bringing the guest up, we all changed into our swimwear and prepare for a swim at their outdoor infinity pool at Level 5 with the great view of Singapore. Besides swimming at the infinity pool, the hotel has offered this small little cute smurf house name cabanas which you can choose to take a short rest and enjoy the  spectacular views of Singapore city skyline and the artwork of the little and tall building in the landscape.
*This is video of the pool with great view of Singapore

After our swim was time to wash up and start preparing the room for my rest of my classmate and guest for the farewell party. So had to prepare food and drinks, so we when hunting for great food around City hall, Chinatown, and Clarke Quay but we end up buying fast food -_- cause all the great food around us are not halal except one Indian Malay store outside the Clarke Quay shopping mall. The food we got was MacDonald, KFC and fried rice/noodle for the party. But is not the food that brought everyone together today was the bond of the class that made us survive through our school days.
*So in the video was everyone who came for the food and party.

After our dinner together was time to bid farewell to some people as they need to attend some family time at home or friends party outside. But the event was still on as a few of us dress up again in our swimwear and when back down for swimming again.  But before going for the swim, I decided to call Room service and ask for a bucket of ice and sets of new towels and my shower gel for my late night bath soaking. 
* The pool is a must to try out if you stay at this hotel and their service is one of the best, you must really stay here to enjoy the experience. I will tell you why it's the best soon.

After about an hour it's time to head back to the room and wash up to send some of my friends back home.

*Took a short video of the walk in back to my suite. 

It's really a great suite filled with lot's of fun and laughed

Soon after everyone has washed up, it's time again to say goodbye again to a few people and really it's great to see the smile and enjoy they had, as a host this is a the best gift ever from my classmate. After some have left, it's time for guy's night in the hotel with my travel pals. We had a movie date in the living room first and really the sound quality of the TV is really great, as it really bring out my feeling of me in a cinema and plus the Suite Room you can adjust the mood you like to have.

Since it's a stay-cation it's a must to have some fun in the room *not what you think*, it's time to have some gaming session on the laptop and some drinking session while watching a movie. After all this fun, I when for a Bathtub soaking again but this time, round I will show you how is the bath tub like and why do I love this bathtub a lot HAHAHA.

* So this is me preparing my bath tub so my really late night soaking. It's 3.28 am in the wee morning and people are sleeping while me soaking in the tub for 1 hour. HAHA

After the soaking for an hour, my pals decided to go for a wee morning gym session using the hotel gym facilities. We started the gym at 5 am till 6 am where I decided to head back to the room to have a look of the sun rising up from my hotel room.

*Took a time-lapse of the Morning view and had this great morning view of Singapore

Since the morning sun is up it's time for breakfast by the hotel. 

When down to the hotel restaurant name :

Cuisine Type : Asian and International Buffet 
Opening Hours : 6.30 am to 12.30 am for Breakfast
Price : SGD 32 if you purchase your meal at the counter
SGD 38 if you walk in to the restaurant    

*Choose this seat at the bar which offer the great view of the restaurant and a luxury view of the chef preparing the food fresh from the fridge and serving it hot right in-front of you. 

The restaurant service is the best where the staff would walk you in and let you choose your seat and introduce you the different type of food and what food is good of your morning diet. The restaurant is like a home where the staff is friendly and they welcome all type of guest. There are three open kitchens in the restaurant where the in-house chefs would display the skill of cooking and transform the fresh ingredients you chose and turn into your proper set of morning breakfast meal. So the morning breakfast I decided to try out was egg Benedict and egg omelet, I get to choose the type of ingredient I would like to help in my omelet and the best part is they cook and prepare right in front of you. 

After my morning breakfast was time to head back up again to enjoy the last view of Singapore skyline and had my last bath with my favorite soaking of the bath tub. About 11 am was to check out where the hotel staff helped me with my luggage from my room till the concierge counter where I check out and they asked how is my stay with the hotel, I replied: "It's awesome" and I was walked out of the hotel with the Bell Boy into my car and it's so sad to bid farewell to this awesome hotel in Singapore.  

It's really a must to stay at this hotel, the experience you received is really different trust me. 
You will never regret staying in this awesome hotel and the service they provided is really great cause even in the wee morning 2 am I asked for ice and soap they really do it and put on a smile at your door step. 

Why I choose this hotel? First this hotel was in one of my favorite movie " Hit-man Agent 47" yeah this hotel was featured in the movie and also received lot of good review from my friends and another blogger

How's my stay? It's awesome and it's the best of the best. First you are greeted and staff would mind going the extra mile to help you in any way.

Rating -
My personal Review of this entire Stay with Park Royal was : 9.5/10 
Service by the Hotel was : 9.5/10
Restaurant service and food was ; 9.5/10 
Facilities was : 9.5/10

I would like to thank Park royal for your great hospitality, I really enjoyed my stay and you guy's have been a great host. Next is I would like to thank the staff of the hotel, it's really a big thank you for your service. 
And lastly is all my classmate and guest, thank you for making this twisted stay-cation a great one of the starting of 2016. 
If you wanna enjoy the same experience as me , head down to Park royal on Pickering website now to book your stay with them. 
Website :
For more details you like to find out email me at :
Or follow me on Instagram : @ionic_cong 

Wishing all my reader a happy new year and thank you Park Royal for being a great host.

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