Thursday, 11 September 2014

My 1st gameplay video on YouTube.

Finally i got this game named : Five Night's at Freddy. So basically i have to stay alive for the five night's till i get pay but there is a problem that would want to stop me to get and pay and also tried to kill me if possible. So i would be playing a the dump guards and just sit there and look and CCTV , switching on the light and shutting the door to stay alive till 6am. So i was waiting for the Mobile version to come out so i can get my friend to pay the app from the store and play together with Loud Speaker hahaha. So finally today We played the game with the video filming about our reaction and it's really dam funny when i look at the video hahaha. This is the Link to the video : . Do follow me on my social network at @ionic_cong and help me share my video with your friend if you would like to know the game-play. So what you waiting for ? Download your game on steam or any stores at $3.95 :D
*This game is not for the weak heart , I have WARN you.
Thank You

Friday, 22 August 2014

ICE Bucket challenge'14 Singapore

Hi guys , it have been a very long time since i blog and today i had did the ice bucket challenge with my friend and we raise about 100++ and all donation will be going to the ALS organization. I actually nominated the Prime Minister of Singapore , Red bull and Singapore Airline for the Ice bucket challenge and i hope that they can do the challenge or they have to donate US 100 dollars as a punishment. The link to my video is at my new Youtube channel called @ionic_cong and you can click on this link to go directly to my channel : . Please help me to spread this message and share this video :D And do follow my channel for my upcoming video that i will be doing soon with my team. So guys do support me and Thank you

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ma Food Blog

Bello to all my blog reader :D I have created a new blog to blog more about food in this planet , I have created that blog is because I think that blogging about food would be much more interesting that normal blogging about personal life encounter hence i think that having a food blog would be better hahaha. Ma new blog name is Ionic Food Hunt , Link to this website is . Hope everyone who is reading this can support me at that blog and know where to eat good food and spread the joy about Food.

Hope everyone enjoy your new year and a happy chinese new year to all my fellow Chinese friends and reader. Gong Xi Fa Cai 

Sign off : C_C