Saturday, 18 June 2016

It's a COCONUT day

Here in Singapore , at the hearts of the central Business District area near the Marina Bay Sand , DBS did manage to create the urban pop-up beach to showcase many different types of activities. 

Have you thought that you can actually host a real beach lifestyle anywhere as long as you have the capital and the space to host a beach event? 

Yup DBS held the event known as DBS Marina Regatta 2016 during the weekend of 28-29 May and 4-5 June , Open from 11am to 10pm plus it was a Free admission to the public where you can catch live Dragon Boat races and also your can shop and eat while watching the race.

There's this southeast Asia's tallest inflatable water slide which can go up to 5 stories and you would slide down till the finishing line. So I decided to try sliding from the 5th story , but before sliding down there's a nice view of Singapore where I can see Marina Bay Sand , esplanade, and the floating platform at the Marina bay area. I had a bit of fear before sliding and Isc was deciding should I go down? But I decided to go with my guts and I slide down and with a bit of scream here and there while I was sliding down. HAHAHAHA *Don't judge me okay

Yes during that day, was a really hot day and I was sweating like a dog but what kept me going to try out many other activities was Vita CoCo , a natural coconut water while kept me hydrated naturally after drinking it :)  Yeah, you would be thinking where did I get this Coconut Water from?

Yup , I got it from here :)
Yup Vita Coco was one of the sponsors for the event and was also invited to DBS regatte while me trying out the different type of activities while sweating yet keeping myself hydrated with Vita Coco on the go.
What's Inside Vita CoCo?

Natural Coconut water plus Vitamin C and it's never from concentrate coconut water 

There is present of Vita Vitals after drinking it :)

Naturally coconuts are packed with natural electrolytes which contain more potassium than Banana 
HAHA. That's why I kept trying out different type of activities while drinking Vita Coco which helps to keep body properly hydrated :) 

Vita Coco production process >.< 

They are processed in this 3 Simple Steps :

1. Pick 
2. Crack 
3. Pack 

So simple Right? HAHA, this coconut water is being kept in a tetra pack which provides a stable shell life for the coconut (No refrigeration is needed actually) 

Beside Vita Coco water  , there's actually Vita CoCo Coconut Oil 
Eat it . Wear it . Swear by it

Yup you heard it right 
You can actually Eat it , Wear it and that swear by it. 
This is one coconut oil that can multitasker into many different jobs.

Eat it (Using it in the kitchen)
You can choose to Stir it with your dish , Bake Cookie with it , Fry it or spread it on your bread :) 
Coconut oil is always great in many different types of recipes 
*Anything Butter can do , coconut oil also can do better 

Wear it (Using it in the bathroom)
You can actually apply in on your face. To get that Extra Natural Glow >.< 
For this, I use this for my after shave as it discourages breakouts from shaving.

What's actually inside?
Nothing but Organic 
Extra Virgin Coconut oil 

*It's Really a must to try and it's worth your money 
Where to get you Vita CoCo?

You can purchase Vita Coco Drink from any retailers. 
7-11 , Cheers , Giant , FairPrice , Cold Storage and etc 

You can purchase Vita Coco Coconut oil from here

Wanna Swear by it?
Tell Your Experience to Vita Coco after trying the coconut oil with #swearbyit

I have swear it , how about you?

Would like to give special thanks to the Vita Coco Singapore 

for the invitation to DBS Regatta and also thank you for the Vita Coco Drink and the Coconut Oil :)

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