Saturday, 23 April 2016

A fool to the 19 star

Oh, Great finally I'm 19, oh god I'm feeling so old already -_-
Anyway happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to the march and April babies 

Hmm have you ever thought of getting a birthday cake without going down to the bakery and also try shopping for a birthday cake like shopping for clothes online? Now with MerryMakr, you would be able to shop online for cakes or anything without leaving your house, just shop online like any other online shopping. And what makes MerryMakr different from any other online shopping is that the search would customize according to your event or to your needs.

Currently shopping for cakes Hehe, too many choices to choose -_-

Hmm after long thoughts of which cake to get, manage to choose this special and my favorite flavor the Chocolate Cheesecake from Cake inspiration @ East Coast Road, just select the item you would like to get then just add them to your shopping cart and hit the Quick Checkout and pay with any credit card ranging from MasterCard , Visa or Paypal. *I choose Master as there is 3 % Cashback when I do online shopping.

Besides shopping for cakes ,  recently there is a beach party organized by Play event Singapore, held at Wave-House Singapore at Sentosa Siloso Beach on the 25th of March. Wave House is Singapore , the only place in Singapore where you can Surf like a pro with man-made wave that is similar to the wave in the open sea. This time, the theme is Beach Ball 3 , which made is beach event where people would turn up in beach attire and even go topless if you are running low on budget haha *Just Kidding* Singapore is a bit too hot so going topless is fine.

Hmm me and few of my friends decided to get the early bird ticket which is generally cheaper than the normal ticket and also buying online using MerryMakr was very convenience and trouble free unlike the olden time where we have to queue with cash in our wallet and wait for the ticket supplier to open his store and starts the sales of the ticket. Now with Merrymakr you can just lay on the bed and open up your internet browser and look upon the event that you are going and also, you can just pay using Credit Card unlike like old time where we have to withdraw from the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and have to queue and wait for your turn to withdraw out the amount then queue again when buying the ticket from the seller.

After adding the ticket to my Cart, it's time to check out. MerryMakr Checkout  is very simple , as you register with them you would need to key in your address and your credit card details. Therefore during the express checkout, your details would be remembered and you just need to select the credit card you like to pay with and just click out. A fast confirmation will be sent to you as soon as possible once the payment is successful and just wait for your package or gift to arrive at your doorstep. It's very easy and very simple to use.

*Had the best Party for 2016, thanks to MerryMakr and Play event Singapore

What do I most love about MerryMakr?

It's Dam Easy to use and find the gift you want to surprise your friend with and you can search according to your occasion "P


It's very useful and travelfree for those who hates going out and shop for gift. Cause sometimes you need to travel far just to buy a gift but with MerryMakr there is Free delivery  on selected items

About MerryMakr ;
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Anyway happy Belated Birthday to me and A happy Birthday to the April Babies :D
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Friday, 29 January 2016

A taste of one tradition master.

 Hmmmmm, I always remember that when I was young dated back to 2000. My grandparent would always bring my out to a coffeehouse in Singapore and they would always order tradition bread toast with kaya ( Coconut egg jam) with butter it goes well with two hard boiled egg and a warm cup of Teh (Milk Tea). Then they would  dip my toast bread into the Teh as I would enjoy the taste as it brings out the fragrance of the Kaya and butter Toast bread but nowadays I hardly have time to turn back time to 2000 where I can enjoy the slow pace time where I enjoy my traditional breakfast with my grandparent.

But Recently I found a place that brings back the same old taste and feeling of the traditional breakfast and with my favourite drink Teh. And this place is located on the West side of  Singapore where my grandparent house uses to be and this shop has also a history can be traced back to the 1950S which offer lot's of local-styled breakfast which has my favourite drink Tea and with my favourite Toasted bread fill with kaya and butter and I would dip into my favourite old time drink. 

This old time favourite Coffeehouse is known as Heavenly Wang and this coffeehouse I visited is located in the heart of the west side (Jurong) 
Yeap, this is the New face of Jurong (*The Next Orchard) 
and this Coffeehouse (Heavenly Wang) is located in the heart of the healthcare 

(Ng Teng Fong Hospital) Level 1

A  brief Introduction of Wang and Heavenly Wang
Wang is a local Cafe that can be traced back to the 1950s and the cafe is used to be housed along Bugis Street in Singapore and they served local-styled traditional breakfast favourites.Wang served one of the best brews of kopi (Coffee), with a fragrant brown toasted bread with the Signature Wang Kaya Spread and with a nicely soft-boiled eggs which goes well with a dip of your bread in it. As for Heavenly Wang, they also serve the same local delights as Wang with some traditional confectionary which goes well with your beverages. Heavenly Wang also offers traditional brew Kopi, so any kopi lover and sit back and take a good taste and enjoy over good halal food.

Come Join me now to Experience a Taste of One tradition Master

So I decided to do a write up of this coffeehouse, after my few visit to Heavenly Wang as this place really bring back old memories of my childhood time with my grandparents when I visited them and also Jurong would be the Next Orchard So it's time to bring our the good food and cafe to Visit if you visit the West side of Singapore.

*This is Heavenly Wang, Their interior design of this cafe truly looks like the Old School Coffeehouse in the 90's with the old school gate, Biscuit Tin, Marble Table and Wooden stool and Guess what bring out the feeling? It's their food and drinks as it's prepared in a traditional way.

When you first walked into Heavenly Wang, the smell of the food & beverage fragrance that they are brewing freshly out from their kitchen and serving it hot to the customer. So as I walked into Heavenly Wang, I was greeted by the Outlet Manager (Jonathan) and he guided me to my seat which he reserved for the review to be taken place. Their design of the place of the seats is like the olden days Coffeehouse but with the twist of the modern design and the lighting of the Sofa, area brings out the great old feeling of the traditional light where we use old metal lamp and yellow light bulb which dated  back to the 90S.

*Love the feeling of this place as it makes your feel that time passes slowly while you enjoy that Hot Cup of fresh brew coffee and hot steaming Half Boiled egg with the Crispy toasted bread.

After settling down with all the equipment prepared for the photo taking and the props, it's time to get the review started but before the review takes place we need our main actor which is the Food and beverages which bring out the great old time. 

So our actors for today review would be Teh ( Milk Tea) - Can be served in Hot or Cold

Why Teh? What's Teh?

Teh is known as Milk Tea, where the tea leave is being brew with Hot water and filters out to extract the Hot steaming Tea and with the Mix of Two different type condensed milk. And the finally Served Hot right in Front of you. This Teh (Milk Tea) from Heavenly Wang brings back the good old memory of my childhood time with my grandparents, I use to have sweet tooth and my grandmother would just to custom special order my tea to suit my craving for tea as I don't like the taste of bitterness, therefore, she would always ask the Brewer to add more milk to cover the taste of bitterness and I would always tend to dip my toasted bread into the Teh as it brings out the sweetness of the Kaya and Butter Bread. 

Our next actress is Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread

What's Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread? Why so special?
Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread is also known as (Coconut Egg Jam) with a thin slice of Butter in a crispy toasted bread served fresh and hot out from the Oven. The bread would be cut into half where you get to see a slice of butter inside and best before you eat is to dip into any hot beverages you have and it brings out the nice sweet combination taste between the beverage and the toasted bread.

-Here at Heavenly Wang, their bread are served in brown sliced and the bread goes through a traditional way of toasted over hot grills which give out the crispy sound when you bite and a nice fragrance from the bread itself. And also, you can choose a wide variety of flavour you like your bread to be done but I  myself prefer the Wang Signature Kaya spread.

Our next Main actor is Mee Rebus 

 Mee Rebus 
*Even Sally is trying out the food tasting 

Heavenly Wang is better known for their Mee Siam, but they make a good Mee Rebus as well. Though not as meaty or robust but Heavenly Wang gravy is sufficiently rich and flavorful with a pleasing of sweet-spicy balance. The Slightly translucent gravy clings nicely to the yellow noodles. It's tasty but feels light and smooth all at once and garnished with garnished with tao po, boiled egg, Chinese celery, green chilli, and fried shallot. A squeeze of fresh lime would add up a special taste and brightens up the dish.
Our Last Main Actor is Laksa

What's Laksa? What is he Fishing for?

Paul today is fishing at his new spot at Heavenly Wang. Paul said today his goal is to catch a fish in this spicy soup stock the colour of a flaming sunset, flavoured with coconut milk, curry and dried shrimp, and topping with Tofu, fish cake and egg. But when he was fishing, the thick vermicelli in the soup has tangled up with his fishing rod and this vermicelli is easy to be break apart can be easily slurped up with a spoon. His catch for today was only some vermicelli and a half-boiled Egg *

Full Review of Wang
It was a great experience to review on Heavenly Wang. Their food and drinks would always bring back old time memory where time passes slowly and enjoying every bite with your love ones. 

*They have outlet in the west

Location 1: 1 Jurong East St 21, #01-02, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Tower B Singapore 609606
Opening Hours: Daily 7.30am-9.30pm

Price Range: SGD 3 Dollars to SGD 9 Dollars.
They have valued Set Meal which comes with a Toasted Bread and A Warm Cup of Drinks
*Every Singaporean Dream is to have Promotion and Wang is giving you a great deal!
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, you will get a 1 for 1 Kopi/Teh. So you can grab a friend of yours and head down to any Wang or Heavenly Wang Outlet. *Term and condition apply
 (You guys must LIKE their FB page to enjoy this promotion)

Check out their Website for Menu and Store Locator: 

Overall Review: 4.5/5

Food that you must try out: Toasted kaya butter Bread, Mee Siam and Mee Rebus!
Beverages that you must try out: Teh (Milk Tea) and Kopi (Coffee) Served in Hot is the best!

Thank You

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Monday, 4 January 2016

New-cation at Parkroyal on pickering street (Singapore)

5.......4.......3......2......1 Happy New Year and say goodbye to 2015 and let's welcome 2015

Hey, guys welcome back to 2016, it's a New Year which means it's a new change for a better world and also for a new post on my blog.  *Hope everyone enjoyed the countdown with your love ones.

Today blog topic is a bit special, which would be my first stay-cation of the Year (2016)  in Singapore *Yeah you heard it right my stay-cation in Singapore not overseas, haha *

Staycation Venue: Parkroyal hotel on pickering street

Address: 3 upper Pickering street Singapore 058289
Tel : +65 6809 8888
 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐hotel with lot's of great facilities and best service
Price range:  SGD 290/night Superior Room
                                            SGD 350/night Premier  Room                      
                  SGD 440/night Junior Suite
Click here to find out the different type of room and price:
*Prices above are not subjected to 7% GST and service charge 10%
 This Stay-cation has a bit of a twist.
Few question you guys would be wondering: Hmmm so why would I want a staycation in Singapore? Why do I choose this hotel? What's in the hotel? How is my stay like with Park royal?
Yeah, all of your questions will be answered with some twist and experience I had with this Awesome Hotel in Singapore.

Ring it's already 9 am and I woke up with my alarm song by Adele (HELLO) HAHAHA so I wash up, changed into my daily wear and soon it's already 10 am. So I packed my mini luggage and move out from home and to the hotel at Clarke Quay. As soon as I got on the car it's already 1030 am and-and my brain alarm clock buzz off as I remembered that I had a booking for my spa treatment by St. Gregory - (The hotel spa), I book their Indonesian Balinese Massage which lasted for 60 min. The main treatment of this massage is to focus on the deep tissue of our body and help to release my soreness of my muscles which the day before I stand for the entire day. Hiazzzzzz * I slept during the massage haha, soon after the massage was a hot tub bath with salt water and took a peak on my phone it's already 12.30 pm which mean time to check-in to the hotel. Okay, let's rewind time to happen before going to the massage when I alight from my car the bell man was so kind he helped me by opening the car door and with my minication luggage I brought. So he brought me to the counter and ask if I can put my luggage here first while I go for my mini treatment then I checked in and they were delighted and said: yeah sure, just put your luggage here first and enjoy the spa massage. So after my massage, it's already 12.30 pm I changed and when down and proceed with my check in. When I was at the counter I was greeted by this lady in her mid 20 and she said: Good afternoon, asked for the payment details and also get my room prepared. She was so kind, she asked me to take a seat and asked if I would like to have any drinks.
While I sit down and enjoy that ice cold lemonade, they were preparing my details and preparing my room. After a few minute, the room was prepared and I was handed the room key to my room and they got someone to help with my minication luggage and guided me to my room. * By the room the room I managed to get was a Junior suite and I requested for something special and they really got me by surprise when I opened my Room door*
The Junior Suite really surprised me with a great view of the park view and the room itself come with a very spacious suite with its both lounge area and bedroom that are separated and also, the bedroom is really a to die for. Cause the bathroom  is so luxurious as the mirror is like a make up mirror and also the why to shower has many different type of option like a separate shower stall and bathtub HAHA, as well as refreshing bath amenities *Their soap is really a must to try , I had to keep calling room service for more soap cause I have been using it for my bath tub soaking with the foam.

So after my soaking in the bath tub was time to invite my classmate over for a Class farewell party as wee all will be graduating soon in 2 month time. So the twist to this stay-cation was a farewell party to my class. About 3.30 pm a few already, reach the hotel lobby and I kind of accidentally took a short nap and ignore their call and messages. HAHAHA I swear the bed is damned good plus with that park view I fall into a short nap.  After bringing the guest up, we all changed into our swimwear and prepare for a swim at their outdoor infinity pool at Level 5 with the great view of Singapore. Besides swimming at the infinity pool, the hotel has offered this small little cute smurf house name cabanas which you can choose to take a short rest and enjoy the  spectacular views of Singapore city skyline and the artwork of the little and tall building in the landscape.
*This is video of the pool with great view of Singapore

After our swim was time to wash up and start preparing the room for my rest of my classmate and guest for the farewell party. So had to prepare food and drinks, so we when hunting for great food around City hall, Chinatown, and Clarke Quay but we end up buying fast food -_- cause all the great food around us are not halal except one Indian Malay store outside the Clarke Quay shopping mall. The food we got was MacDonald, KFC and fried rice/noodle for the party. But is not the food that brought everyone together today was the bond of the class that made us survive through our school days.
*So in the video was everyone who came for the food and party.

After our dinner together was time to bid farewell to some people as they need to attend some family time at home or friends party outside. But the event was still on as a few of us dress up again in our swimwear and when back down for swimming again.  But before going for the swim, I decided to call Room service and ask for a bucket of ice and sets of new towels and my shower gel for my late night bath soaking. 
* The pool is a must to try out if you stay at this hotel and their service is one of the best, you must really stay here to enjoy the experience. I will tell you why it's the best soon.

After about an hour it's time to head back to the room and wash up to send some of my friends back home.

*Took a short video of the walk in back to my suite. 

It's really a great suite filled with lot's of fun and laughed

Soon after everyone has washed up, it's time again to say goodbye again to a few people and really it's great to see the smile and enjoy they had, as a host this is a the best gift ever from my classmate. After some have left, it's time for guy's night in the hotel with my travel pals. We had a movie date in the living room first and really the sound quality of the TV is really great, as it really bring out my feeling of me in a cinema and plus the Suite Room you can adjust the mood you like to have.

Since it's a stay-cation it's a must to have some fun in the room *not what you think*, it's time to have some gaming session on the laptop and some drinking session while watching a movie. After all this fun, I when for a Bathtub soaking again but this time, round I will show you how is the bath tub like and why do I love this bathtub a lot HAHAHA.

* So this is me preparing my bath tub so my really late night soaking. It's 3.28 am in the wee morning and people are sleeping while me soaking in the tub for 1 hour. HAHA

After the soaking for an hour, my pals decided to go for a wee morning gym session using the hotel gym facilities. We started the gym at 5 am till 6 am where I decided to head back to the room to have a look of the sun rising up from my hotel room.

*Took a time-lapse of the Morning view and had this great morning view of Singapore


Since the morning sun is up it's time for breakfast by the hotel. 

When down to the hotel restaurant name :

Cuisine Type : Asian and International Buffet 
Opening Hours : 6.30 am to 12.30 am for Breakfast
Price : SGD 32 if you purchase your meal at the counter
SGD 38 if you walk in to the restaurant    

*Choose this seat at the bar which offer the great view of the restaurant and a luxury view of the chef preparing the food fresh from the fridge and serving it hot right in-front of you. 

videoThe restaurant service is the best where the staff would walk you in and let you choose your seat and introduce you the different type of food and what food is good of your morning diet. The restaurant is like a home where the staff is friendly and they welcome all type of guest. There are three open kitchens in the restaurant where the in-house chefs would display the skill of cooking and transform the fresh ingredients you chose and turn into your proper set of morning breakfast meal. So the morning breakfast I decided to try out was egg Benedict and egg omelet, I get to choose the type of ingredient I would like to help in my omelet and the best part is they cook and prepare right in front of you. 

After my morning breakfast was time to head back up again to enjoy the last view of Singapore skyline and had my last bath with my favorite soaking of the bath tub. About 11 am was to check out where the hotel staff helped me with my luggage from my room till the concierge counter where I check out and they asked how is my stay with the hotel, I replied: "It's awesome" and I was walked out of the hotel with the Bell Boy into my car and it's so sad to bid farewell to this awesome hotel in Singapore.  

It's really a must to stay at this hotel, the experience you received is really different trust me. 
You will never regret staying in this awesome hotel and the service they provided is really great cause even in the wee morning 2 am I asked for ice and soap they really do it and put on a smile at your door step. 

Why I choose this hotel? First this hotel was in one of my favorite movie " Hit-man Agent 47" yeah this hotel was featured in the movie and also received lot of good review from my friends and another blogger

How's my stay? It's awesome and it's the best of the best. First you are greeted and staff would mind going the extra mile to help you in any way.

Rating -
My personal Review of this entire Stay with Park Royal was : 9.5/10 
Service by the Hotel was : 9.5/10
Restaurant service and food was ; 9.5/10 
Facilities was : 9.5/10

I would like to thank Park royal for your great hospitality, I really enjoyed my stay and you guy's have been a great host. Next is I would like to thank the staff of the hotel, it's really a big thank you for your service. 
And lastly is all my classmate and guest, thank you for making this twisted stay-cation a great one of the starting of 2016. 
If you wanna enjoy the same experience as me , head down to Park royal on Pickering website now to book your stay with them. 
Website :
For more details you like to find out email me at :
Or follow me on Instagram : @ionic_cong 

Wishing all my reader a happy new year and thank you Park Royal for being a great host.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tick Tock Tick Tock Guess who is behind the Dock.

What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes with a Rotating Bezel ?  

Hmmmm A Computer?

Nope! What the Hell how does a Computer has a hand HAHAHA

Hmmm I Give Up 

HAHAHAHA wait...

It's a Watch 


It's the all new Galaxy Gear S2 with the rotating bezel and has many different face not one or two. 

Not long ago , Samsung has release a new watch that would impress any smart watch that you are currently wearing. This watch comes with a full circle made with a durable stainless stell body that sits slim and sleek on your wrist plus it's able to customize it to suit your style and the band of the watch can change is so easily like changing a clothes to a party HAHAHAHA. 

1 month ago on the 26 & 27 of Sep was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 in Singapore at Ngee Ann City at the heart of Orchard Road. So I was Happy to be invited to had a preview of the Watch that Samsung has design for everyone to suit their daily need. 
Before I start tell you more about the S2 , watch this Preview about the Event in Singapore. The Galaxy Studio 

Hmmm how the video? Quite impressive right? Chey HAHA 
I am really impress of Samsung Singapore of how they WOW everyone whom attend or visited this event and would always leave a strong feeling after they left the event. 

So After a week , guess who is the first in Singapore to have this watch? Me
On the 1 of Oct I am happy to be the first few to have/ use  the Galaxy Gear S2 Classic watch and after I got my hand on it , guess where i brought it to? To the USS ( universal studios singapore) HAHA 
On that day , my watch is already set up for me and I already got the hang of it like I use it before. It's quite a easy and useful watch as all you need is just the Bezel and rotate it like a watermelon on the floor , next it also remind me of what time I am suppose to meet my friends , where and also inform me to drink Plain Water every 45 minute. *All the function I mention has already pre-set for me.  

Sometime is vibrating......... Oh it's 5.30 pm and the note on my gear S2 is reminding me that I have a meeting with my clique at 6 pm for the Halloween Event Launch at USS at 7.15 pm. Okay so I met up with my friends Charles and Shaun at Vivo City Singapore and then we walked to Sentosa as it's a free entry for walk-in customer HAHAHA *We are not cheapo okay , just that we want to exercise HAHA Joke. So after we reach the entrance of USS , I decided to have a quick Dinner as I didn't eat anything for Lunch so I am like surviving with my back-up fats HAHA Yeah. Had Noodle for dinner and quick session with the clique. After the Dinner it's about 7.10pm so we when to the VIP entrance to get our ticket to the Event , VIP sioh! Yeah We got our hands on the VIP ticket thanks to some connection from my media friends , so finally got check-in to our ticket and it's time for the Halloween Horror Night 5 in Singapore. 
*This blog is not for the faint hearted or people who love churros , cause I will be the one chasing after you if you have Churros on your hand HAHAHA*
*Credit to Sentosa Rws for the Photo

Finally it's 7.30 pm and it's the premier opening act of the HHN 5 and it's really a wonderful act of the raise of the Blood Moon in the USS. After the opening act , it's time for THE TOILET MUHAHAHA
I when to the toilet and decided to take a piss in the VIP horror toilet and guess what happen!
Watch this Short Clip and you will know what happen.
When I am taking a piss , out of the blue the light's when off and I felt the present of someone behind me with a headache HAHAHAHA

 So the VIP started after I had my small business , our tour guide was a Half-dead surgeon zombie and she look quite cute though. But always there are four different-themed haunted houses to visit , and practically it scared off my hungry for churros at the end of the Tour.  

First House we visited was the :  “The MRT” demonized  with “True Singapore Ghost Stories”  author and It was quite scary as it's about a village filled with ghost whom want your soul while you are on your way back home with the Singapore Local Transport but didn't really scared me much. Scared rate 4/5 

Second House we visited was the : “Tunnel People” so basically you would be walking in darkness filled with lot of weird smell cause the theme is Tunnel so basically is like going to a drainage system to find your way that you drop but for this you have to feel your way out of this torturous maze while people pulling your leg. Scared rate 4/5 

Third House we visited was the : “Siloso Gateway Block 50” this haunted house , I would really say It's very impressive so I myself love watching THE WALKING DEAD they really turned the entire HDB flat/Apartment into a place infected with zombie whom are play as the people who lived there. It's like a ZOMBIE HOUSE but quite scary. Scared rate 4.5/5

Lastly the house we visited was the : "Hell House" Yeah it's a hell house of a Chinese version, it's the 18 level of hell filled with fear and horror you can never even expect from a Chinese hell. Normally Chinese would burn Paper doll as a respect / offering to the dead and this time the scary paper mache figures smiling blankly at you and laugh behind you as you walk your way out from the 18 level of hell , this house will have your goosebumps standing throughout the walk as I could really feel the heat of hell. Scared rate 5/5 

After our visit to the houses and scared zone , our half-dead zombie brought us to the ride where we don't have to queue at all , she just bring us straight to the ride without queuing cause we are the VIP man HAHAHA . Really I would say it's really worth of the VIP tour if you are going for this halloween event and you want to avoid the crowd so I would say VIP would be a deal for you if you don't mind paying a bit more then the normal standard ticket. *Not encouraging you guys to buy , it's just a review of the VIP Tour I experience. 

As the clock strike 12.30 am it's time for the Living to return back to safe heaven. 
Yeah , I am also really happy with the Gear S2 as it keep track of my heart rate while being scared by the Actor and Actress. And till now it's reminding me of my daily intake of Plain Water and keeping track of my walking and heart rate.

Thank You Samsung for designing such a awesome watch. 

If you like to try out the Gear S2 visit any Samsung Experience store now and give it a try.
Price at : $548 for the Classic and $438 for the Sport Version  
*I would say the classic has the best design if you like the hipster theme and classy look 

Halloween Horror Night Event Details:
Sentosa , USS
Dates: 2 – 3, 9 – 11, 16 – 18, 23 – 25 and 29 – 31 October 2015
Time: 7.30pm to 12.30am (1.30am on 10, 16 – 17, 23 – 24 and 30 – 31 October).
Event Ticket: S$68 and for VIP $200++ 
Special Thanks to Samsung and USS Resorts World Sentosa
For more information or sponsor email me at
Instagram ; @ionic_cong

Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Next is Now , Now till ever

Dear Reader ,
                     If you are reading this mean's you are about to enter the next phase of life into a new world with lot of possible imagination and thought's which we can't stop cause turn down for what?  Nah I was just kidding on the first part , but i think it's true cause now is the mid of Sept already and soon you and me will be counting down with your friend's and family member. But as for today topic would be The Next Is Now , you would be wondering where you heard it from? Correct? HAHA it's actually from Samsung which they use to release their New Galaxy Phone and anyways I manage to lay my hand's on  a new baby and also it's a real bad-ass baby. HAHA 

                          I manage to get the all New Galaxy Note 5 from the Samsung Delight which held in Singapore at the center of our Singapore the Orchard Road , Right outside of takashimaya. The New Phone i am currently holding now is the - (64GB , Gold Platinum ,16 megapixel camera and the come with a special Magical ward).  

The screen is not suppose to be like this , but i have the habit of installing tempered glass the tinted version as I am afraid i would injure my new baby so i need the best of best to protect her and tinted glass is to also to protect her privacy as sometime during my ride home or outside the people around me would have the need to peak on what am i doing on my phone so privacy is a must for her. Okay let my introduce to you some of her special feature HEHEHE : 

1st - would be the Magical ward which is the S Pen and there is lot of amazing and magical things i can do with the new enhanced S Pen. Do you have some important note to write but can't find a pen and paper , now with the Screen Off Memo you can just write down important note even with the screen is off. Cool right? Something my friend would say something and i forget to pen down , now no fear of what i can't remember.

2nd - Is the phenomenal pictures , it's sharper and clearer and now i can expect the brilliant photo i can take with my front and back rear of my camera. The lenses is now f1.9 which photo can be brighter at the front and back. Quick Launch Camera which snap down into memories within a few sec and also Blur-less Photo which sometime my photo do happen so i need a lot plus the Optical image stabilization would free all shaking hand. The plus point to this camera is the Auto Real Time HDR which shoot Rich , dynamic shots as how you are looking at it now.
This is the photo taken with my front camera and this is real the best camera for the phone i ever seen.

3rd - is the remarkable beauty of my bae. She is so elegant and has the perfect curved which fit into my palm. Her Magical ward sits unobtrusively within the 7.6mm slim body , when ever i would like to use it's easily retractable with a slight push push. Her face is 5.7" wide with the Quad HR SUPER AMOLED display , and you can expect a stunning visuals in high pixel density and she always display the true meaning to life colours.

So i think that all for my to share all the special feature i can show it to you. Can i have attach a video of the un-box my new bae fresh from her box. Always if you like to experience this bad-ass bae you can head down to any Samsung store to try out the All new Galaxy Note 5

Every happy story always has a sad ending so the back topic was on now till ever. Just Few day back one of my best friend had left Singapore to State to further study her education. Her name is Luisa and she has been my schoolmates and friend for about 5 years till now , we have when through lot of fun and saddest as a friend and always despite till saddest she would always cheer me up through her jokes or giving me gift or food. HAHAHA who can say no to food man :D If you have food please be my friend HAHAHA. 

So that girl tipping her toes is LUISA , my reader if you are from the state and if you saw her please say HI for me to her. Luisa if you are reading this , all the stuff i would like to say it's in the limited edition harry potter book the edited version by me :D I really miss you as a best friend and always all the best for your studies and I will see you soon in state around Jan or Feb. 
So guys what's your Next is Now? 

Hope you all enjoy it.



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Monday, 24 August 2015

A Golden Coloured Jubilee Month for Singapore.

Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura   

Oh hi , didn't see you there. Sorry was humping the our country national anthem. The Song is title Majulah Singapura
You will be wondering what language is that right? Our national anthem is being sang in malay language as the
creator of this song is by one of our father for Singapore. Anyway this year , our country celebrate 50 years of independent since
1965. So this 50 years is a special one as it's a golden jubilee and everyone is very very excited about it. We just blow our candle on 
the 9th of August which we come together as one nation and one people and celebrate together in a stadium and watch performance
or firework. (Actually everyone in mind is just the firework right?) HAHAHA I am also just going for the firework cause firework is always 
has the best ending and they tend to spend lot of money to put up the best display in each performance. But for this year the firework ,
would be double the happy ending and also double the WOW WOW WOW. ( Till our mouth and mind goes WOW) HAHAHAHA

Anyway's I attend the National Day parade preview and I can say that the performer had really did a really great job this year and 
they really put in lot of effort and the effort is 2 times that the previous years. So what can you expect from this year national day would 
be something different then last year , so we would have the normal sing along session where we would sing some old national day 
song range from Chinese , Malay , Tamil and English Song. Here are some example:

 1. Count on me Singapore 
 2. One people , one nation and one Singapore ( Must favourite)
 3. What do you see? 

So those are the 3 example of Singapore patriotic songs.

Then after singing for song would be performance of the past till the future of our country history. Then the best part of the show would be everyone favourite : The Military Art or Show. So this year Singapore has put up a great performance where F-16 (JET) would put up a display showing 50 = to SG 50 years. 

So as you can see 20 F-16 (JET) forming a display which show 50 as it passes the stadium/Padang.
I heard that the distance between each plane is about 18 meter apart and I think if I am the pilot I would not be able to make the cut due to my precision is not really that good so yeah. HAHAHA But really a big slate to the pilot for putting up this difficult display yeah.

And also , Singapore is also release a limited edition SG NOTES which is a most awesome note i even seen 
in my past 18 years till now HAHAHA. So i have already gotten my notes due to some help from people and
also the note has lot of special security which I think other country has not come out with it yet. 
So this is the note and for my information of how you can lay your hand on this limited edition visit my instagram
account for more information at @ionic_cong or email me at . So what you waiting for? Join 
the queue and be a Singaporean and feel the joy while queuing for this limited edition baby :D 

Also before my August end i have lot of fun with Color Run 2k15 and it's really a great eye opening event again as
last year event was great but this year is better yeah. The Color Run is a 5kilometer event , so basically i would 
pay to run and people who throw different type of color for each 1km i run and the best is I get to become a rainbow or
hulk for once. HAHAHA you should know what that means HAHA. Anyway's I have Video down and edited a Short
video on what you can expect for Next Year Color Run Event.

Link to my Youtube Video & do subscribe yeah :D

I hope everyone has a great month and happy SG 50 singapore


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