Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sum up of my fight song.

Hey Guys , how's life? Hope everyone did enjoy their June and Early July. The past 2 month after May has been a really busy busy month for me as had lot of plans going on but did enjoy a lot for the past month and made a few of great memories. June was a packed month as i had to prepare to fly over to Hong Kong with my school for a school exchange with Hong Kong and there is lot's of preparation for this trip and lot's of time has to been invest into this trip but the finally out come was a sweet and bit bitter too.
So the picture was taken above sea level i think 30000 feet. (HAHAHA) so that was the time we had to fly over to Hong Kong and do our work Hiaz. During the trip had quite a lot of fun and enjoy but school took over quite a lot of our time so our freedom was quite control in the end after we left Singapore (HAHA) <Don't tell them i said that ah> I think there is nothing much to talk about this trip cause it will really be a long grandma story so i just sum up the best part. So after Hong Kong it's back in Singapore and i had to start my internship already cause i was behind time so had to quickly start already. I am currently attach to GSK (It's a pharmaceutical company) and for the past week I did enjoy a lot in the work place as everyone is so kind (HAHAHA) and there is a gym which would like utilize it to train myself for the next 5 month. So basically my job in the company is very complicated and need to run everywhere and learn lot of things so yeah this is why my weekday is very very busy. But beside working so hard i did enjoy lot like movies everyday once i reach home cause i am really a movie freak and also July was really one of the great moment cause Singapore has this Festival name *Shine* sound like Korean though (HAHAHA) so basically this Shine Festival to celebrate Youth Festival (Idk if i am still a youth or not) but i just attend the event and it's really a good event. *Just bare with me* The event start's from 10 till 12 July 2015 but i only attend on the 11 of July cause i am only free on that day , so on that Saturday morning i had a meeting by Invasion Singapore is actually a Company that bring local Artist and invade the school with lot of music and fun and i am really happy to say , i manage to get join them and i would be really happy help them out to invade the school with lot of music and enjoy. So during the meeting met quite a lot of talented people and they all shared one passion MUSIC. That is the passion that brought everyone down on a Saturday morning at SCAPE , not everyone will wake to attend a meeting on a Sat Morning but it's music that brought everyone down. (HAHAHA) so after the meeting i met my friend cause later in the afternoon there will be a meet and greet with our Local Youtuber NOC. Manage to get the ticket and i tell you guys the sharing from NOC was very informative and there is a lot to learn from them. And also i did manage to get from picture during the event (THE NOC GIRLS)
This are the NOC GIRLS i am talking about (HAHAHA) , it was very great to be able to meet everyone during the event. Do click on this link -  to see more. Hmmm what should i say now? Oh yeah manage to see quite a lot of local artist too and manage to learn from of their stories that they never share with the public before on how they start their career. (HAHA) suck it up , who ask you never join me. After all the meeting and attending event my leg and mouth is very sore cause i didn't have the time to eat and drink but dinner was great too. I would Really like to thank NYC for hosting this event if not i my July was be a boring one though (HAHAHA) Anyway , i hope everyone June and July was great and fun like mine. 

My next travel trip would be December so do stay tune for my Travel trip on Dec.

(This are some of the artist that would be at the event) 

The End 


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Sunday, 31 May 2015


MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY , I need help it's coming to a end of the Month May hiaz. Tomorrow will be the 1st of June where Magic and things would restart or come to live. I think so cause for me June means End of my Schooling Semester and Off to my attachment already hehe no need to study already. Yeahhhhhh But before i stop everything , party hard or play hard i have one more thing to complete which is on the 2nd June it's my FINAL EXAM. So which mean now i have to stop typing this blog and off to study lor.... Nah everyone has a life man , trust me don't focus too much on studying like a 7/11 open 24/7 non-stop it won't help much one trust me. But if it does work for you then carry on man.  Yeah , the past few week in may there is lot of happening like running a event of science challenge for the secondary school , some video editing project and school project which suck up lot of my timing and i really had no time to handler my side shit. I forget quite a lot of things and some people had to clean my mess up and i am really sorry and thank full for those who helped me in my shit and school work. If you think my school life is easy in Singapore , i tell you that you are wrong. There is lot of shit going on and i had to planned my timing well so i wont crush into any event or forget anything but the MAY DAY MAY DAY was like a tease on you guys only. HAHA

One exciting event in this may would be a local producer or a film editor was impress by my video making they decided to let me try out and create a short film for them but i have no accept their request yet cause it's going to be a tight timing and lot of stress. I don't think i am ready for it so i told them to let me decide for a month then reply them if i am fully ready. Yes Yes you guys will be thinking what the fuck or hell is he doing? Such a good opportunity there and this guy just sit there and watch it go away! Hiaz , it's not i don't want to accept the offer is that i am not ready yet and i had lot of planning that i need to do once i accept it. So do give me some time to think if i would take this offer that they gave to me. Chill Guys Calm your Mango hehehe.

And also before may end's i have decided to clear everything out with my arch and i think all this while in my school life we had a misunderstanding that's why we fought with each other. Yes it take two hand to clap and yeah we both forgave each other and decided to make thing back to what it was. Yes , so time we do have to learn to accept people or just try to accept them or forgive and forget. Sometime your enemy could be your best friend or friend cause when they fight they would understand you or you may understand more about themselves. So do clear things out on both party and listen out to each other. Yeah :D It's almost to the end of the year soon cause after today it will be 6 month till we countdown and celebrate again like last year. HAHAHA So guys i do hope everyone MAY DAY had a great and wonderful month and day. SEEYA :D


Sunday, 26 April 2015

The closing in of April

Hey guys , it's like the end of month ( APRIL) soon. It's 26/04/15 now so may is coming in soon and then soon would be December and then you and i will be celebrating year end again. Hmm I do find time fly too fast already till i had no time to Zip my pant (HAHA) The Zipping of Pant is just kidding only , i do zip my pant everyday i go out okay. So basically today topic would be quite short and sweet cause everyone life has Sweet and bitter every time but not every time your life is filled with bitter so this week is very exciting cause Avenger's the Age of Ultron is finally out on the 23 April and i hope everyone has the mind set to catch the movie. what i would say is that the movie is very confusing at first but soon all make sense if you have watch all the MARVEL series of MOVIE. I watched on 25 April with couple of friends and had lot of great review i kind of over heard the couple talking behind me. I AM NOT KPO okay , Is that the Couple talk so loud in the Cinema and i kind of Over Heard it. Another exciting for this week is that i had a great day with my school on this event (IGNITE SCIENCE) not the PUMA IGNITE , it's a Science event organize by my school with the help of teacher and student from ITE college East. You will be thinking why would i say this is exciting? He must be crazy right , it's just a science event!! Hmm the reason i find it exciting is because i get to wake up at 4am and has to be in school by 7am , but i didn't wake up by 4am and i kind of miss the first train so i took a cab to school cause i was afraid i would be later. I find this type of event kind of exciting cause i get to experience my previous event again waking up at 3.30am and has to reach the place by 5.30am so it's kind exciting for me , but i don't it's exciting for you hmm.  Beside this exciting event is that i get a chance to touch up on my Skill again as I am a Photographer for this event with one of my friend AQILAH , she quite a great photographer too. (Don't tell her that i say that) One more exciting thing would be something that i believe everyone in Singapore get to see is that Coke is promoting a celebration of SG50 with this SHARE YOUR COKE WITH _______ , on coke light and the normal coke. Guess what? I manage to get my hand on this Surprise with the help of someone "share your Coke with IONIC_CONG
I would really like to thank the friend of mine for helping me to get this customize this coke and Coke Singapore for having this idea of Share your coke with______ . It's really a great idea as everyone has a person that they like and would really like to share his/her stuff with. So mine is share your coke with IONIC_CONG (this is my social name) so i can say it's a great and exciting week for me and how about you? If you want to get your name customize on your coke , Shop at giant tampines , vivo and imm from 12pm to 9pm and spend amount of 10 on coke product and proceed on to the Road show booth and show the person your purchase and you stand a chance to get your coke customize with your name or your love one. 
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  So what you waiting for? Wear your clothes and shop for coke now at any shop that is being mention at the top. So basically this is one of my exciting week before the end of April and i hope that everyone week is fruitful and great ahead before ending your April.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hates are like your Pimple.

Hey guys it's finally April and just 8 more month to end of the year of 2015. Seriously time really pass very fast when you enjoy the fun around you and time wise in school. I am so sorry i didn't update more on the blog as i had lots of work to do and really had no time to update on the blog. Today the topic is much more on my lifestyle as a teenage that other teenagers may face. Basically the things teenagers like me will face is pimple on the face as we go through puberty and we start changing in our faces and other parts of the body. So pimple is just a ache then is being clog up and has no way to exit due to block pore in our face which is known as BlackHeads , sometime it's very irritating to have pimple specially when you are going to have a date or face other people. So basically first impression would be ourselves which include face , attire and the way we talk and move. So one day i really had enough of my pimple as my facial product that i have been using for 1 year it's not working so i have decided to change the product brand to something as which would help me more on my face. So one day i decided to visit THE FACE SHOP at westmall to shop for facial product range from Mask , facial wash , serum , toner and many more. As i was shopping for the product as blind as a mouse a lady approach me and ask "hi sir , how can i help you today" i replied to her , "I am looking for some facial product" . She quickly assess my face condition and replied : "Sir , you face seem to have lot of clog pore and did you do laser before on your face" , i was so shocked as if i have a sign on my head has all more information so i replied: : "Yeah  i did laser before and the pore has blocked up already cause i stop doing as my skin improve and now it is coming back" so she understand my situation and introduce a range of products to me.
So this are the products that she introduce to me , from the Left that is a morning and night serum to close up the pore on your face as oil tends to face up on the face and starting to clog up. Second left would be the scrub wash for the face to remove blackhead and dead skin on the face , its made up from Brown sugar to scrub off the dirty thing on your face. Middle one would be the acne solution foam cleansing to prevent acne from coming up and it is enriched with green tea. The small packed are the toner for the mask which you have to apply before putting up the facial mask and lastly is the facial mask with is the sebum control which treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively so basically i bought all this and after using for 1 week my face really did improve as the blackhead gets lesser and ache and not coming. I would really like to thank the lady at the face shop which help me and guide me on the product to use which is suitable for my face. Now just drop by any THEFACESHOP at spend 35 dollars and above to free membership and packets of toner. So basically today i had a great day till afternoon i was studying at a cafe at esplanade one of the newly open cafe. Name Past and Present , so i ordered one cup of Vanilla Latte , Fries and Tiramisu cause i have craving for tiramisu so i decided to have my craving settle. When the food arrive on my table and i decided to take a snapshot of it and i uploading on the instagram as a caption of "Welcome to Tiramisu" , So After a few moment people like and out of the blue i received a comment on my photo saying "Did you copied this from google cause i saw this one on google". So when i read this comment i was piss and i comment "Nope this is not from google and i deleted the text" reason i delete text is because i  tend to  find comment on photo very mess as i like it neat . As i deleted the comment i received this.
Why did you deleted the comment and for your info everybody this photo is copied and the guy commented also Really uh cong?? My mood to eat was ruin by the daryl_here_ Guy , i was like the hell what's wrong with deleting the comment. I got pissed and comment on the picture. I tend to prefer a neat picture as I really don't like to be messy and with this comment i was super pissed and my friends told me to chill and upload with my ID to prove that i was there. So i listened to them and upload another picture with my ID proving i was the one to upload it. 
So i uploaded this to prove that i visited the place and the photo belong to me. Now i now know how celebrity feels when they have hates. So basically hates are like your pimple , the grow all over you to piss you off and as you tried to poke it , it get worst and worst so the only solution is a ANTI-PIMPLE CREAM which is my PROVE to my picture.  So this guy commented my picture on my instagram at @ionic_cong which he did not apologize at all but i don't really give a fuck about it cause I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FAKE MY PICTURE HELLO????  So basically this are the things that teenagers faces now aday . Pimple and hates , My advise is that try to ignore that PIMPLE , DONT POKE jsut ignore or apply cream to it cause all they want is attention. I blog it about this is to share how my thoughts i experience today and may happen in the future , Guys if you do face this , just ignore or best try to solve it if you can or get friends to help you out. Btw i would like to thank that guy for giving a topic to blog about today. Thanks anyway. So if you face this problem you would know what to do after reading about my blog for today , so guys stand strong on your roots and face the problem if you can. Anyways Do visit the Cafe at Esplanade named Past and Present , they dont charge GST and their food do really taste dam good specially the tiramisu. Do tip if you feel like and do check out my photo at my instagram at @ionic_cong and do shop at THEFACESHOP. Thanks for reading and do enjoy your weekend.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

A tribute to Mr lee Kuan Yew

For the pass few day's Singapore has been a quiet place as we mark our respect to our late founding father Mr lee Kuan Yew whom pass away on the 23rd March 2015 at 3.18am local timing at Singapore General Hospital. Now currently his body is lying in state at the parliament house singapore , 5 guards standing in-directly with him. The parliament is open to public to pay their last respect to Mr lee and i am very touch by the people whom are queuing to visit him and the people who provide food , drinks and shelter to those who are queuing and they got tired cause the queue got last about 8hr's straight. The crowd at there is a massive and this show's that Singaporean do care about our founding father. ( Mr Lee Kuan Yew) The picture below show's the queue and the amount of people queuing.

Another thing's that has also shown tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was an Artwork and sign's roaming around the social media this few day's. About the art work was about this Guy who drew Mr Lee face with 18000 words of Mr Lee Kuan Yew to form out a Face of him on a A3 size paper. The artist is Ong Yi Teck and he took 15 hr's to complete the artwork which he created and His work won't be sold. Another tribute was a Sign about Mr Lee in a Bow and with his face on it as a silhouette behind it. Artist name is Unknown but he/she is a very creative and innovative way to manipulate into a Sign. This actually show's that Singaporean are thought full and give their best to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. So I have decided to create an artwork with the Sign and manipulate it with thumbprint instate of just black bow. I did this artwork was because i would like to present it to Mr Lee as "He was the one whom given us the identity of who we are now". So i worked with my teacher's to create a artwork with thumbprint as a tribute to Mr Lee , my teacher's are very supportive and help me in many ways to get the thumbprint from the School. This is the artwork that i have manipulate it with the print's. The picture below is the final artwork that i have manage to create it within 12 hour's as tomorrow i will be visiting Mr Lee Kuan Yew with my School.

The Top picture is me with the artwork and the tribute board that is being place in our school to write to Mr Lee.

So today i have manage to collect 300 thumbprint from the Principle , teacher's , friends and student that visited our school for an event's. This was quite challenging as it's very hard to work with thumbprint as people tend to have different pressure when applying it to the work but it was a great out-come of the artwork and you can check out in my instagram : @IONIC_CONG or visit ITE College East. I would really like to thank everyone who contribute the prints and making this artwork a possible good turnout. And I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for everything you have done for us and giving us a identity of a country and a sense of belonging to Singapore. And this Coming Sunday would the state funeral and over on internet everyone is deciding on what to wear on Sunday it's either Black or white but what i say would be just wear with your heart on with be grateful already.


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

23 March was one of the saddest day.

  • Today , 23rd March 2015 was one the most saddest day to Singapore as Today we lost one of our founding father of Singapore in the earlier morning at 03.18am. Our founding father of singapore Mr lee kuan yew was declared dead at Singapore general hospital in the earlier morning by his doctor. It was suppose to be a great morning for me but was one the most saddest morning as i woke up early in the morning to the most saddest new's that Mr Lee passed on in the morning.  Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am. He was 91," said the Prime Minister Office of Singapore . Just a Background on Mr Lee : who was born in 1923, formed the People’s Action Party in 1954, then became Prime Minister in 1959. He then led the nation through a merger with the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, as well as into Independence in 1965. Such a great leader of Singapore but he works will always still be with us and in our thoughts. Singapore has made plan's for his funeral and 23rd till 29th march was be a half-masked flag in respect to Mr Lee.  Today , was suppose to be my birthday but i won't be celebrating my birthday as respect to him. Birthday celebration is just one of it which can be celebrate anytime but losing a great man like Mr Lee Kuan Yew would be a painful lost to many Singaporean as he built the future and Singapore itself. Without him then will not be Singapore. Do pay your respect at the  Parliament House from Wednesday to Saturday, for the public to pay their respects. Those who wish to pay their last respects at Parliament House can do so from 10am to 8pm daily from Wednesday to Saturday.A State Funeral Service will be held at 2pm on Sunday at the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore. He be a great inspiration to me to work harder and build a better future within myself first then build the rest with people around us. Thanks for Reading. 
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Friday, 20 March 2015

What a great march.

Sorry guys in advance , for not blogging for the past few month's as it's a very busy month for me as School has started long ago and i had no time to blog. This march i would say it's the best march i even experience cause i had lot of exciting news and gift from family and friends member , why i would say this is a exciting month for march? Cause i am like finally going to turn 18 this year by the 23 march 2015. I had received one of the bet present was a GEAR S (SAMSUNG) from my parent's as i kind of have been hinting them on the gift i want. And to my surprise i finally got my Smart Watch as a birthday present. Hmmm the next gift was from : I manage to become a Brand Ambassador and people who shop at ZALORA with my Code would get a 15% on any purchase at Zalora with a new account. My code for Zalora is  (ZBAPQZ9V) use the code given to Receive a 15% discount. Do Support with the code given to shop at a cheaper and much stress free on the item you are paying for. As Provides Free Delivery and refund when you get's your Size Wrong.

So this was one of the best gift i received from both my parent's and Zalora. But this are just a few gift from them as i also received gift from Neighbor and friends too but just not going to blog about it as You may find me Long winded. HAHA  Last few days , i attended a talk by SINGAPORE YOUTH BUDGET by the BUDGET SINGAPORE where we comment on where and why this idea was given by the government of SINGAPORE. During the talk , i manage to get to ask question and to my surprise i appeared on TV channel 8 where i was asking a question. Hmmm I was not prepare to appeared on tv cause i think i had a bad hair day on that day. hahaha
So this me on tv where i am asking a question and i think it's very unglam. HAHA Kind of change the look on me by wearing a needy Spec's. But it's actually a great chance to be on TV for a few second. As there is this saying Frame can happen within Seconds. Such a Wise word by that person who came out with this Phase. With more inform on how and where the code or where to use the code : Please check out my instagram at @IONIC_CONG (Place where social media get's people together in one place to share the joy) So do check out my insta or any other social media with @IONIC_CONG and Hope everyone have a great month ahead of you. Thank's 

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