Monday, 24 August 2015

A Golden Coloured Jubilee Month for Singapore.

Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura   

Oh hi , didn't see you there. Sorry was humping the our country national anthem. The Song is title Majulah Singapura
You will be wondering what language is that right? Our national anthem is being sang in malay language as the
creator of this song is by one of our father for Singapore. Anyway this year , our country celebrate 50 years of independent since
1965. So this 50 years is a special one as it's a golden jubilee and everyone is very very excited about it. We just blow our candle on 
the 9th of August which we come together as one nation and one people and celebrate together in a stadium and watch performance
or firework. (Actually everyone in mind is just the firework right?) HAHAHA I am also just going for the firework cause firework is always 
has the best ending and they tend to spend lot of money to put up the best display in each performance. But for this year the firework ,
would be double the happy ending and also double the WOW WOW WOW. ( Till our mouth and mind goes WOW) HAHAHAHA

Anyway's I attend the National Day parade preview and I can say that the performer had really did a really great job this year and 
they really put in lot of effort and the effort is 2 times that the previous years. So what can you expect from this year national day would 
be something different then last year , so we would have the normal sing along session where we would sing some old national day 
song range from Chinese , Malay , Tamil and English Song. Here are some example:

 1. Count on me Singapore 
 2. One people , one nation and one Singapore ( Must favourite)
 3. What do you see? 

So those are the 3 example of Singapore patriotic songs.

Then after singing for song would be performance of the past till the future of our country history. Then the best part of the show would be everyone favourite : The Military Art or Show. So this year Singapore has put up a great performance where F-16 (JET) would put up a display showing 50 = to SG 50 years. 

So as you can see 20 F-16 (JET) forming a display which show 50 as it passes the stadium/Padang.
I heard that the distance between each plane is about 18 meter apart and I think if I am the pilot I would not be able to make the cut due to my precision is not really that good so yeah. HAHAHA But really a big slate to the pilot for putting up this difficult display yeah.

And also , Singapore is also release a limited edition SG NOTES which is a most awesome note i even seen 
in my past 18 years till now HAHAHA. So i have already gotten my notes due to some help from people and
also the note has lot of special security which I think other country has not come out with it yet. 
So this is the note and for my information of how you can lay your hand on this limited edition visit my instagram
account for more information at @ionic_cong or email me at . So what you waiting for? Join 
the queue and be a Singaporean and feel the joy while queuing for this limited edition baby :D 

Also before my August end i have lot of fun with Color Run 2k15 and it's really a great eye opening event again as
last year event was great but this year is better yeah. The Color Run is a 5kilometer event , so basically i would 
pay to run and people who throw different type of color for each 1km i run and the best is I get to become a rainbow or
hulk for once. HAHAHA you should know what that means HAHA. Anyway's I have Video down and edited a Short
video on what you can expect for Next Year Color Run Event.

Link to my Youtube Video & do subscribe yeah :D

I hope everyone has a great month and happy SG 50 singapore


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