Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Truth or Dare (Nerve Movie Preview)

Do you dare to take this challenge without a truth but only dare to win CASH $$$
I , Benjamin challenge you to touch your tongue with your elbow. 

Anyways Thank You Shaw theatre for the Pair of Movie Preview Ticket to watch Nerve in your theatre, for your hospitality and that extra ticket for my friend. :) 

Nerve , noun (courage that allows you to do something that is dangerous, difficult, or frightening) 

Nerve 2016 poster.jpg
Rated: PG13/96mins 
Genre: Crime, Mystery, and Thriller
Language: English
In SG Cinemas: 11 August 2016
*Preview: 10 August 2016 :p

This movie Nerve, is about challenging yourself against something that is        dangerous,difficult, or frightening but the reward is good (CASH $$$$) who won't want to earn cash just by accepting the challenge and video down as an evident and share it with all your friend around. *If it's me I won't mind taking the challenge and win Cash yeah** 

The movie Preview was held at shaw Lido, 350 Orchard Road #05-00 Shaw House, 228208. One of the oldest shaw house in Singapore. Was great to be invited to the movie preview for Nerve on 10Aug 2016 and to be the first few Singaporean to watch nerve.
Collect Counter for Invited Guests or Contest winner for Teenage Magazine.

Preview of the Movie at 7.15pm in Lido theatre 2 and I arrived at 7.00pm HAHAHA always late. By the time I collect the ticket and food collection was already 7.13pm and it's time to try out the DARE by NERVE where I Accept the dare and earn money yeah. :) JK

The movie started with a girl named venus, a high school senior, and she found herself entangled in an online game of Truth or Dare by this time round it's only DARE and soon she found herself in trouble............. Shall not spoil the MOVIE

Anyways NERVE is movie that is not for the weak heart cause there is lot of exciting and thrilling scene which would scare you HAHA and To be Truth Nerve would be a great movie to catch with your clique and to chill out but Overall Rating of Nerve will be SO SO HAHA as there is not much of action.

Anyways do Catch Nerve on 11 Aug 2016, at your nearest Movie theater around Singapore.
I, Benjamin Dare You to take on this Challenge : Watch NERVE with one of your best friends

Seeya :)

Rating: 7.6/10