Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sum up of my fight song.

Hey Guys , how's life? Hope everyone did enjoy their June and Early July. The past 2 month after May has been a really busy busy month for me as had lot of plans going on but did enjoy a lot for the past month and made a few of great memories. June was a packed month as i had to prepare to fly over to Hong Kong with my school for a school exchange with Hong Kong and there is lot's of preparation for this trip and lot's of time has to been invest into this trip but the finally out come was a sweet and bit bitter too.
So the picture was taken above sea level i think 30000 feet. (HAHAHA) so that was the time we had to fly over to Hong Kong and do our work Hiaz. During the trip had quite a lot of fun and enjoy but school took over quite a lot of our time so our freedom was quite control in the end after we left Singapore (HAHA) <Don't tell them i said that ah> I think there is nothing much to talk about this trip cause it will really be a long grandma story so i just sum up the best part. So after Hong Kong it's back in Singapore and i had to start my internship already cause i was behind time so had to quickly start already. I am currently attach to GSK (It's a pharmaceutical company) and for the past week I did enjoy a lot in the work place as everyone is so kind (HAHAHA) and there is a gym which would like utilize it to train myself for the next 5 month. So basically my job in the company is very complicated and need to run everywhere and learn lot of things so yeah this is why my weekday is very very busy. But beside working so hard i did enjoy lot like movies everyday once i reach home cause i am really a movie freak and also July was really one of the great moment cause Singapore has this Festival name *Shine* sound like Korean though (HAHAHA) so basically this Shine Festival to celebrate Youth Festival (Idk if i am still a youth or not) but i just attend the event and it's really a good event. *Just bare with me* The event start's from 10 till 12 July 2015 but i only attend on the 11 of July cause i am only free on that day , so on that Saturday morning i had a meeting by Invasion Singapore is actually a Company that bring local Artist and invade the school with lot of music and fun and i am really happy to say , i manage to get join them and i would be really happy help them out to invade the school with lot of music and enjoy. So during the meeting met quite a lot of talented people and they all shared one passion MUSIC. That is the passion that brought everyone down on a Saturday morning at SCAPE , not everyone will wake to attend a meeting on a Sat Morning but it's music that brought everyone down. (HAHAHA) so after the meeting i met my friend cause later in the afternoon there will be a meet and greet with our Local Youtuber NOC. Manage to get the ticket and i tell you guys the sharing from NOC was very informative and there is a lot to learn from them. And also i did manage to get from picture during the event (THE NOC GIRLS)
This are the NOC GIRLS i am talking about (HAHAHA) , it was very great to be able to meet everyone during the event. Do click on this link -  to see more. Hmmm what should i say now? Oh yeah manage to see quite a lot of local artist too and manage to learn from of their stories that they never share with the public before on how they start their career. (HAHA) suck it up , who ask you never join me. After all the meeting and attending event my leg and mouth is very sore cause i didn't have the time to eat and drink but dinner was great too. I would Really like to thank NYC for hosting this event if not i my July was be a boring one though (HAHAHA) Anyway , i hope everyone June and July was great and fun like mine. 

My next travel trip would be December so do stay tune for my Travel trip on Dec.

(This are some of the artist that would be at the event) 

The End 


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