Saturday, 23 April 2016

A fool to the 19 star

Oh, Great finally I'm 19, oh god I'm feeling so old already -_-
Anyway happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to the march and April babies 

Hmm have you ever thought of getting a birthday cake without going down to the bakery and also try shopping for a birthday cake like shopping for clothes online? Now with MerryMakr, you would be able to shop online for cakes or anything without leaving your house, just shop online like any other online shopping. And what makes MerryMakr different from any other online shopping is that the search would customize according to your event or to your needs.

Currently shopping for cakes Hehe, too many choices to choose -_-

Hmm after long thoughts of which cake to get, manage to choose this special and my favorite flavor the Chocolate Cheesecake from Cake inspiration @ East Coast Road, just select the item you would like to get then just add them to your shopping cart and hit the Quick Checkout and pay with any credit card ranging from MasterCard , Visa or Paypal. *I choose Master as there is 3 % Cashback when I do online shopping.

Besides shopping for cakes ,  recently there is a beach party organized by Play event Singapore, held at Wave-House Singapore at Sentosa Siloso Beach on the 25th of March. Wave House is Singapore , the only place in Singapore where you can Surf like a pro with man-made wave that is similar to the wave in the open sea. This time, the theme is Beach Ball 3 , which made is beach event where people would turn up in beach attire and even go topless if you are running low on budget haha *Just Kidding* Singapore is a bit too hot so going topless is fine.

Hmm me and few of my friends decided to get the early bird ticket which is generally cheaper than the normal ticket and also buying online using MerryMakr was very convenience and trouble free unlike the olden time where we have to queue with cash in our wallet and wait for the ticket supplier to open his store and starts the sales of the ticket. Now with Merrymakr you can just lay on the bed and open up your internet browser and look upon the event that you are going and also, you can just pay using Credit Card unlike like old time where we have to withdraw from the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and have to queue and wait for your turn to withdraw out the amount then queue again when buying the ticket from the seller.

After adding the ticket to my Cart, it's time to check out. MerryMakr Checkout  is very simple , as you register with them you would need to key in your address and your credit card details. Therefore during the express checkout, your details would be remembered and you just need to select the credit card you like to pay with and just click out. A fast confirmation will be sent to you as soon as possible once the payment is successful and just wait for your package or gift to arrive at your doorstep. It's very easy and very simple to use.

*Had the best Party for 2016, thanks to MerryMakr and Play event Singapore

What do I most love about MerryMakr?

It's Dam Easy to use and find the gift you want to surprise your friend with and you can search according to your occasion "P


It's very useful and travelfree for those who hates going out and shop for gift. Cause sometimes you need to travel far just to buy a gift but with MerryMakr there is Free delivery  on selected items

About MerryMakr ;
MerryMakr is a gift and experience marketplace for special occasions. MerryMakr curate unique venues, gifts, entertainment and services to help you create the perfect celebration for your special occasions. At MerryMakr, they believe in sharing unforgettable celebrations with our loved ones and that is why we strive to create the easiest way to book unique experiences and gifts.

MerryMakr Story : 
As young working professionals, they were always searching for ideas on things to do over the weekend. However, they began to realize that our search for these ideas were often sparked off by the special occasions in our lives. Hence they felt that there was a need for a hassle-free platform where people can shop unique experiences and gifts for special occasions and thus 
MerryMakr was born.

Shopping 101 using MerryMakr 

Step 1 : Use any internet browsing App and search for

Step 2 : Create a Merrymakr account or sign up now with my link to get $10 MerryMakr credits

Sign up with either a Facebook account or Create a MerryMakr Account :D

Step 3 : Once your sign in, start using the search box for the gift for your friend or a staycation in Singapore :P

Step 4 : After the search result is out , start shopping by adding it to your Cart.

Step 5 : After adding it to your cart , just click on your cart and pay now :D 

*Beside just paying now , you can make a special request to MerryMakr and they would  give the best surprise or the best memory you will never forget to your love one friend , family member or etc 

Step 6 : After making the payment , you would receive a fast confirmation email of your payment is successful. 

Yup that's how MerryMakr 101 Works :P Happy Easy Shopping Guys

Now sign up MerryMakr with my Link ( ) and you can  $10 MerryMakr Credit to send gifts. *Who in mind would reject that 10 Dollar sia -_-

Anyway happy Belated Birthday to me and A happy Birthday to the April Babies :D
Wanna Get a Gift for your friend but don't know what to get?
Use MerryMakr , there is always a special occasion for everyone :P

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