Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Next is Now , Now till ever

Dear Reader ,
                     If you are reading this mean's you are about to enter the next phase of life into a new world with lot of possible imagination and thought's which we can't stop cause turn down for what?  Nah I was just kidding on the first part , but i think it's true cause now is the mid of Sept already and soon you and me will be counting down with your friend's and family member. But as for today topic would be The Next Is Now , you would be wondering where you heard it from? Correct? HAHA it's actually from Samsung which they use to release their New Galaxy Phone and anyways I manage to lay my hand's on  a new baby and also it's a real bad-ass baby. HAHA 

                          I manage to get the all New Galaxy Note 5 from the Samsung Delight which held in Singapore at the center of our Singapore the Orchard Road , Right outside of takashimaya. The New Phone i am currently holding now is the - (64GB , Gold Platinum ,16 megapixel camera and the come with a special Magical ward).  

The screen is not suppose to be like this , but i have the habit of installing tempered glass the tinted version as I am afraid i would injure my new baby so i need the best of best to protect her and tinted glass is to also to protect her privacy as sometime during my ride home or outside the people around me would have the need to peak on what am i doing on my phone so privacy is a must for her. Okay let my introduce to you some of her special feature HEHEHE : 

1st - would be the Magical ward which is the S Pen and there is lot of amazing and magical things i can do with the new enhanced S Pen. Do you have some important note to write but can't find a pen and paper , now with the Screen Off Memo you can just write down important note even with the screen is off. Cool right? Something my friend would say something and i forget to pen down , now no fear of what i can't remember.

2nd - Is the phenomenal pictures , it's sharper and clearer and now i can expect the brilliant photo i can take with my front and back rear of my camera. The lenses is now f1.9 which photo can be brighter at the front and back. Quick Launch Camera which snap down into memories within a few sec and also Blur-less Photo which sometime my photo do happen so i need a lot plus the Optical image stabilization would free all shaking hand. The plus point to this camera is the Auto Real Time HDR which shoot Rich , dynamic shots as how you are looking at it now.
This is the photo taken with my front camera and this is real the best camera for the phone i ever seen.

3rd - is the remarkable beauty of my bae. She is so elegant and has the perfect curved which fit into my palm. Her Magical ward sits unobtrusively within the 7.6mm slim body , when ever i would like to use it's easily retractable with a slight push push. Her face is 5.7" wide with the Quad HR SUPER AMOLED display , and you can expect a stunning visuals in high pixel density and she always display the true meaning to life colours.

So i think that all for my to share all the special feature i can show it to you. Can i have attach a video of the un-box my new bae fresh from her box. Always if you like to experience this bad-ass bae you can head down to any Samsung store to try out the All new Galaxy Note 5

Every happy story always has a sad ending so the back topic was on now till ever. Just Few day back one of my best friend had left Singapore to State to further study her education. Her name is Luisa and she has been my schoolmates and friend for about 5 years till now , we have when through lot of fun and saddest as a friend and always despite till saddest she would always cheer me up through her jokes or giving me gift or food. HAHAHA who can say no to food man :D If you have food please be my friend HAHAHA. 

So that girl tipping her toes is LUISA , my reader if you are from the state and if you saw her please say HI for me to her. Luisa if you are reading this , all the stuff i would like to say it's in the limited edition harry potter book the edited version by me :D I really miss you as a best friend and always all the best for your studies and I will see you soon in state around Jan or Feb. 
So guys what's your Next is Now? 

Hope you all enjoy it.



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