Sunday, 31 May 2015


MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY , I need help it's coming to a end of the Month May hiaz. Tomorrow will be the 1st of June where Magic and things would restart or come to live. I think so cause for me June means End of my Schooling Semester and Off to my attachment already hehe no need to study already. Yeahhhhhh But before i stop everything , party hard or play hard i have one more thing to complete which is on the 2nd June it's my FINAL EXAM. So which mean now i have to stop typing this blog and off to study lor.... Nah everyone has a life man , trust me don't focus too much on studying like a 7/11 open 24/7 non-stop it won't help much one trust me. But if it does work for you then carry on man.  Yeah , the past few week in may there is lot of happening like running a event of science challenge for the secondary school , some video editing project and school project which suck up lot of my timing and i really had no time to handler my side shit. I forget quite a lot of things and some people had to clean my mess up and i am really sorry and thank full for those who helped me in my shit and school work. If you think my school life is easy in Singapore , i tell you that you are wrong. There is lot of shit going on and i had to planned my timing well so i wont crush into any event or forget anything but the MAY DAY MAY DAY was like a tease on you guys only. HAHA

One exciting event in this may would be a local producer or a film editor was impress by my video making they decided to let me try out and create a short film for them but i have no accept their request yet cause it's going to be a tight timing and lot of stress. I don't think i am ready for it so i told them to let me decide for a month then reply them if i am fully ready. Yes Yes you guys will be thinking what the fuck or hell is he doing? Such a good opportunity there and this guy just sit there and watch it go away! Hiaz , it's not i don't want to accept the offer is that i am not ready yet and i had lot of planning that i need to do once i accept it. So do give me some time to think if i would take this offer that they gave to me. Chill Guys Calm your Mango hehehe.

And also before may end's i have decided to clear everything out with my arch and i think all this while in my school life we had a misunderstanding that's why we fought with each other. Yes it take two hand to clap and yeah we both forgave each other and decided to make thing back to what it was. Yes , so time we do have to learn to accept people or just try to accept them or forgive and forget. Sometime your enemy could be your best friend or friend cause when they fight they would understand you or you may understand more about themselves. So do clear things out on both party and listen out to each other. Yeah :D It's almost to the end of the year soon cause after today it will be 6 month till we countdown and celebrate again like last year. HAHAHA So guys i do hope everyone MAY DAY had a great and wonderful month and day. SEEYA :D