Wednesday, 10 July 2013


N Level are coming and my school prelim are arriving in a few week time. On 16 July will be my English oral and 5 august will be my Chinese oral which i have the most but have to score well to get a better course. July is quite a short month because time have being passing very fast like today is Monday then suddenly a blink of a eye it is Sunday night time already ! Had plan for my future a head , After n level i will be either studying overboard at US or stay in Singapore and go poly and ITE ( TBC) again , after i have received my n level result. I had left only a few month in my secondary school like 2 to 3 month and i will be free from torture and nagging but all this is too get A and pass my subject and get a place in poly. So now i have only start my revision on my geography and my math , rest of the subject i have not start revising i think i can drop to the bottom if i am not careful with where i am standing. So now the main course to eat is My N level oral which is the most important because it holds 20% of my result for my language. Will be continuing tomorrow so do catch up on my update :D

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

World War S

I have about 5 days before school reopen. This is like 4 more days to Zombie Apocalypse and i will be chase by zombie and surviving till the end. The Zombie will be my teacher because they will chase me for homework and make sure i goes for extra lesson after school while surviving till the end is i have to survive the chasing , nagging and homework till i have finish my N level. From that day i finish my N level exam i will be going for private studies or overseas studies and i will be enjoying all the party will my classmates , prom and lot of party i plan in advance or got invited. So now have to Stay Calm and Studies and my goal for N level is At least 4 B and 1 C will do or 2 A i will be happy , So now how i am going to spend my 5 days while be sleeping , movie , hangout , shopping , cycling , dance , computer , talking , chatting and tweeting. Hais what am i think i cannot spend time on this stuff it seem so boring i have to Double all the thing i listed out then will be fun. Saturday and Sunday i am sure i will not have enough free time for myself because I have volunteer myself in this Jurong Lake Run have to stay there from 9am till 9pm hais why But it was quite a fun event to take part cause i get to meet more people from other school i get to spend more time with my friends will doing all the hard work but hard work do pay off. This is the First CIP that give allowance for us to spend and Free food and drinks this make me sound so auntie , but have to work first then money comes into my pocket. Now i know earning money is very hard so got to spend money wisely next time. After sat and sun my zombie apocalypse will start and i will have to start working harder to survive and do not get left behind. T-mius 129 hours and 15 minutes.

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Haze.

Singapore weather is getting worse! Because of the haze from Indonesia , always during June or July they will start burning the forest to clean the land to plant vegetable and fruit and it is the cheapest way to make a profit. Guess what i learn this? From Geography.Nah hack care about that now the real issues is the haze, on 19 June 2013 when i return back from Thailand the first time i step out of the airport i cough*** because at that time the haze PSI was 190 quite a unsafe spot to stay in the public/outdoor. The PSI raise to a very bad spot on 21 June 2013 the highest was 401 PSI while i start feeling bad and feel like vomit but lucky today there is a movie marathon from 1 pm till 7 pm with friends just to relax and hang out together wearing cool mask and enjoying the new box movie. But should we blame Indonesia of all the stuff they done? On this question i could not answer because some factory at there was open by Singaporean and Malaysian so they also have a part to blame too. Every-time before i go out i had to wear mask with i am not use too but i did wear to protect myself from all this haze , mask at this time is very expensive because everyone wants to wear it and keep themselves from haze free but the mask in Singapore when out of stock and if there is stock the price of the mask is quite expensive and today i saw people fight over a box of mask like how they fight? they challenge each other who can pay the most i was like WTS!! Am i attending a Auction or going shopping? But lucky i got my mask for free thank to my father friend. Why free? He working in a chemical factory which need lot of mask and they bought alot so lucky my father had this friend so we ask could we get a box at a price but they gave it to us for free.So i really just hope there is a big wind got blow the haze to some where else in the world but not Singapore because i am just seeing people suffering from the haze.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Give your mind a break

It have being a long time since i last blog. Having not being blogging because i was having Art coursework which is very very important for my N level, this subject is a must to get A. Talking about my result was quite good actually did much much better then last year , but i did enjoy my holiday by going back to school for my art cw which is waste of time and got to meet up with my primary school mate for a outing trip to Singapore flyer , adventure cover and had a great dinner at marina bay sand. June is a holiday for me and everyone in singapore abut not the adult. HAHAHA. Ok that is lame. Had lot of great moment during the sport fiesta which was on 8 of June 2013 , my booth was the face painting booth was did raise quite alot of money i think about 250 dollar which i am not wrong. Did not have any spar time to enjoy other game because after one face then another face then another face..... , but still did got my free time after Sport fiesta with my friend. Got to watch Now you see me at Cathay west mall. This is really a must to watch movie. Will be enjoying my holiday on 15 June 2013 , will be traveling to Bangkok Thailand for a great escape to a place with no stress.... so do catch up on my next blog ( stay calm and read)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finally after a long exam period...

Finally on May 16 my exam ended , the paper was art only my favourite subject but my school was so stupid and place the exam timing on 9.45am and i have to reach school at 7.25am. WTF but i still arrive on time but i had a bad stomach ache which i play Jackpack joy during my shitting , What a great start of my day. After my shitting i continue with my day , when to the art to complete my final work and some touching up on my art. Finally the time came to 9.30am i start my art exam and have to sit the exam for 3hrs until 12.45am which everyone had left the school and celebrate. My final work for my art work was so weird i only complete half of it but at least i still do it. After all the exam and exam finally i had a break , my break start to have Duck rice and went to imm and shop after that once i reaches home : bath , movie , movie and movie until there is no tomorrow. All of this fun pay off after studying for a week or 3 week , Friday will be going for boating and spend time will my friends. Shall continue after my movie. First movie will be Tropic thunder :D

Saturday, 27 April 2013


My exam is coming up in about 1 days time.. On Monday i will be having exam till 15 may 2013, the first exam is English which i do not need to worry about but for Social studies i have be studying and it is very hard for me to remember all the essay and story about my topic about deterrence and diplomacy. Have to read up my secondary 3 textbook and all the notes my ss teacher provide for me. Now a days my time is very pack but i still get to relax on last Friday , i went to catch the latest movie Iron man 3 at west mall Cathay  The movie is suppose to be nice but the movie stop half way and skip some part of it , everyone in the move theater is scold and cursing.... I was like wtf but the movie is still awesome in the end.  I would really want to own Mark 42 because that is the best suit in the movie... But i still cannot relax because exam is like arriving in my life but after exam will get to travel to other countries or maybe i work part time at pet safari just to earn a few buck. Currently my subject will i can get pass is Math , chem and physic , English and geography , but i will try my best to pass Chinese even i hate it alot. Now my favorite code for me is stay calm and .....

Friday, 19 April 2013

Trying to play apart in society..

I have painted a painting of four season in this world , but in Singapore there are no four season so i have image something like four season but in different color and i only painted a black tree with no leave because i would want to symbolism that some people in this world only can see a few color but black and white is the common color , that most people see. So i mix the bright and dull color together to create a painting and i hope i can find some people who can support me by helping me raise fund for the needy people in Singapore or the people in my school who need financial support. I hope i can find someone who appreciate the painting and so have the heart to help people around us.
sorry for the unclear image.  But i really hope i can play apart in my society and raising fund for them , if i am able to find someone can help me and the price for the painting will be at any bid. Trying to raise hundred or thousand if possible. Thank You

If interested please email me: or whatsapp me at :85561706  
The donation will really be donated to my school or any charity fund, i will prove that i have donated the money to charity so i hope all of you can support me.

Monday, 15 April 2013

I need a favor from all of you....

Recently i have took part in a competition call My take on water , This competition is held in singapore which is to celebrate singapore PUB for 50 years already. Water is the source of life. As PUB marks its 50th Anniversary this year, we want to remember how far we have come in our water journey. In less than five decades, Singapore overcame its water shortages, despite a lack of natural water resources and pollution in its rivers. Today, we can be proud of a robust, diversified and sustainable water supply through our four National Taps, catering to the country's continued growth and meeting the needs of its population. So I took part to promote singapore about water life : my photo is about "Every-dropof water does count". Here is the Link : I need all the vote from all of your :D You need to login in order to vote because the vote counts the most. Here a guide:
I really hope i can win this competition so i hope all of my blog viewer can help me do a favor by voting for me and sharing it among with your friends. THANK You

My friends...

In my 16 years of life spending on the earth i got to know lot of people in Singapore and other part of the world. How i make friends: Friends step for me is to offer help to them or talk to them like sharing about my life and common interest we share. Second step is add them on Facebook , twitter or instagram if they have this will help me to communicate with my friends in a better way , third step is go out with them or ask them out for shopping or Bringing friends to your house. The last step is not to reject them, accept who are they because it is better to make a friend then making other enemy. So time friends may reject you, but after a few month or years they will discover your personality then that is when you will get to make a new friend. JUST BE YOURSELF will do....

School Life...

I study in Singapore , Bukit view secondary school is one of a best school i attended in my life. I am now currently in Sec 4NA , Taking Art course and path decided to walk towards to become Rich and Famous. In 2010 my life being as a NT student in Bukit view secondary school, during that time my studies was very weak but one day something came a cross my mind and i decided to be a hardworking student so i study hard and it pay off. I went to NA in 2011 which i was sec 2 i get to know more friends and got to learn more. The study was hard for me because i jump up to other level but i did not give up so i continue to tell myself to work harder and achieve something in my life after leaving this school. In this school i can to know lot of people like teachers and my classmate , my classmates and i shared lot of common interest is to pass N level and continue to Poly , sec 5 or ITE and we really work very hard to get a better life for ourselves. So this is how my school life is about......     

Intro about Me..

I am a guy born in Indonesia but i am a Singaporean now , Born on 23 march 1997. I am a guy who do not really blog but after a few thought i have decided to learn how to blog , I have instagram : ionic_cong , Facebook will be:  and my twitter account is    : People who i look up to is Lady GAGA , Parents and my friends something about myself that you should know i am easy going and love watching movie. Why am i Born in Indonesia because at that time my parent when Indonesia for work and i was due next month because i have decided to come out early that my family expected. My school life is very normal and awesome I get to know lot of friends and their background , Now i am in a secondary school life which i am taking N level this year. I am so stress about N Level now a day but to get of stress i listen to music and eat ice cream. I love taking photo and love arts alot if you know me better you will know why :D This is how i look like: