Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hates are like your Pimple.

Hey guys it's finally April and just 8 more month to end of the year of 2015. Seriously time really pass very fast when you enjoy the fun around you and time wise in school. I am so sorry i didn't update more on the blog as i had lots of work to do and really had no time to update on the blog. Today the topic is much more on my lifestyle as a teenage that other teenagers may face. Basically the things teenagers like me will face is pimple on the face as we go through puberty and we start changing in our faces and other parts of the body. So pimple is just a ache then is being clog up and has no way to exit due to block pore in our face which is known as BlackHeads , sometime it's very irritating to have pimple specially when you are going to have a date or face other people. So basically first impression would be ourselves which include face , attire and the way we talk and move. So one day i really had enough of my pimple as my facial product that i have been using for 1 year it's not working so i have decided to change the product brand to something as which would help me more on my face. So one day i decided to visit THE FACE SHOP at westmall to shop for facial product range from Mask , facial wash , serum , toner and many more. As i was shopping for the product as blind as a mouse a lady approach me and ask "hi sir , how can i help you today" i replied to her , "I am looking for some facial product" . She quickly assess my face condition and replied : "Sir , you face seem to have lot of clog pore and did you do laser before on your face" , i was so shocked as if i have a sign on my head has all more information so i replied: : "Yeah  i did laser before and the pore has blocked up already cause i stop doing as my skin improve and now it is coming back" so she understand my situation and introduce a range of products to me.
So this are the products that she introduce to me , from the Left that is a morning and night serum to close up the pore on your face as oil tends to face up on the face and starting to clog up. Second left would be the scrub wash for the face to remove blackhead and dead skin on the face , its made up from Brown sugar to scrub off the dirty thing on your face. Middle one would be the acne solution foam cleansing to prevent acne from coming up and it is enriched with green tea. The small packed are the toner for the mask which you have to apply before putting up the facial mask and lastly is the facial mask with is the sebum control which treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively so basically i bought all this and after using for 1 week my face really did improve as the blackhead gets lesser and ache and not coming. I would really like to thank the lady at the face shop which help me and guide me on the product to use which is suitable for my face. Now just drop by any THEFACESHOP at spend 35 dollars and above to free membership and packets of toner. So basically today i had a great day till afternoon i was studying at a cafe at esplanade one of the newly open cafe. Name Past and Present , so i ordered one cup of Vanilla Latte , Fries and Tiramisu cause i have craving for tiramisu so i decided to have my craving settle. When the food arrive on my table and i decided to take a snapshot of it and i uploading on the instagram as a caption of "Welcome to Tiramisu" , So After a few moment people like and out of the blue i received a comment on my photo saying "Did you copied this from google cause i saw this one on google". So when i read this comment i was piss and i comment "Nope this is not from google and i deleted the text" reason i delete text is because i  tend to  find comment on photo very mess as i like it neat . As i deleted the comment i received this.
Why did you deleted the comment and for your info everybody this photo is copied and the guy commented also Really uh cong?? My mood to eat was ruin by the daryl_here_ Guy , i was like the hell what's wrong with deleting the comment. I got pissed and comment on the picture. I tend to prefer a neat picture as I really don't like to be messy and with this comment i was super pissed and my friends told me to chill and upload with my ID to prove that i was there. So i listened to them and upload another picture with my ID proving i was the one to upload it. 
So i uploaded this to prove that i visited the place and the photo belong to me. Now i now know how celebrity feels when they have hates. So basically hates are like your pimple , the grow all over you to piss you off and as you tried to poke it , it get worst and worst so the only solution is a ANTI-PIMPLE CREAM which is my PROVE to my picture.  So this guy commented my picture on my instagram at @ionic_cong which he did not apologize at all but i don't really give a fuck about it cause I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FAKE MY PICTURE HELLO????  So basically this are the things that teenagers faces now aday . Pimple and hates , My advise is that try to ignore that PIMPLE , DONT POKE jsut ignore or apply cream to it cause all they want is attention. I blog it about this is to share how my thoughts i experience today and may happen in the future , Guys if you do face this , just ignore or best try to solve it if you can or get friends to help you out. Btw i would like to thank that guy for giving a topic to blog about today. Thanks anyway. So if you face this problem you would know what to do after reading about my blog for today , so guys stand strong on your roots and face the problem if you can. Anyways Do visit the Cafe at Esplanade named Past and Present , they dont charge GST and their food do really taste dam good specially the tiramisu. Do tip if you feel like and do check out my photo at my instagram at @ionic_cong and do shop at THEFACESHOP. Thanks for reading and do enjoy your weekend.

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