Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tick Tock Tick Tock Guess who is behind the Dock.

What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes with a Rotating Bezel ?  

Hmmmm A Computer?

Nope! What the Hell how does a Computer has a hand HAHAHA

Hmmm I Give Up 

HAHAHAHA wait...

It's a Watch 


It's the all new Galaxy Gear S2 with the rotating bezel and has many different face not one or two. 

Not long ago , Samsung has release a new watch that would impress any smart watch that you are currently wearing. This watch comes with a full circle made with a durable stainless stell body that sits slim and sleek on your wrist plus it's able to customize it to suit your style and the band of the watch can change is so easily like changing a clothes to a party HAHAHAHA. 

1 month ago on the 26 & 27 of Sep was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 in Singapore at Ngee Ann City at the heart of Orchard Road. So I was Happy to be invited to had a preview of the Watch that Samsung has design for everyone to suit their daily need. 
Before I start tell you more about the S2 , watch this Preview about the Event in Singapore. The Galaxy Studio 

Hmmm how the video? Quite impressive right? Chey HAHA 
I am really impress of Samsung Singapore of how they WOW everyone whom attend or visited this event and would always leave a strong feeling after they left the event. 

So After a week , guess who is the first in Singapore to have this watch? Me
On the 1 of Oct I am happy to be the first few to have/ use  the Galaxy Gear S2 Classic watch and after I got my hand on it , guess where i brought it to? To the USS ( universal studios singapore) HAHA 
On that day , my watch is already set up for me and I already got the hang of it like I use it before. It's quite a easy and useful watch as all you need is just the Bezel and rotate it like a watermelon on the floor , next it also remind me of what time I am suppose to meet my friends , where and also inform me to drink Plain Water every 45 minute. *All the function I mention has already pre-set for me.  

Sometime is vibrating......... Oh it's 5.30 pm and the note on my gear S2 is reminding me that I have a meeting with my clique at 6 pm for the Halloween Event Launch at USS at 7.15 pm. Okay so I met up with my friends Charles and Shaun at Vivo City Singapore and then we walked to Sentosa as it's a free entry for walk-in customer HAHAHA *We are not cheapo okay , just that we want to exercise HAHA Joke. So after we reach the entrance of USS , I decided to have a quick Dinner as I didn't eat anything for Lunch so I am like surviving with my back-up fats HAHA Yeah. Had Noodle for dinner and quick session with the clique. After the Dinner it's about 7.10pm so we when to the VIP entrance to get our ticket to the Event , VIP sioh! Yeah We got our hands on the VIP ticket thanks to some connection from my media friends , so finally got check-in to our ticket and it's time for the Halloween Horror Night 5 in Singapore. 
*This blog is not for the faint hearted or people who love churros , cause I will be the one chasing after you if you have Churros on your hand HAHAHA*
*Credit to Sentosa Rws for the Photo

Finally it's 7.30 pm and it's the premier opening act of the HHN 5 and it's really a wonderful act of the raise of the Blood Moon in the USS. After the opening act , it's time for THE TOILET MUHAHAHA
I when to the toilet and decided to take a piss in the VIP horror toilet and guess what happen!
Watch this Short Clip and you will know what happen.
When I am taking a piss , out of the blue the light's when off and I felt the present of someone behind me with a headache HAHAHAHA

 So the VIP started after I had my small business , our tour guide was a Half-dead surgeon zombie and she look quite cute though. But always there are four different-themed haunted houses to visit , and practically it scared off my hungry for churros at the end of the Tour.  

First House we visited was the :  “The MRT” demonized  with “True Singapore Ghost Stories”  author and It was quite scary as it's about a village filled with ghost whom want your soul while you are on your way back home with the Singapore Local Transport but didn't really scared me much. Scared rate 4/5 

Second House we visited was the : “Tunnel People” so basically you would be walking in darkness filled with lot of weird smell cause the theme is Tunnel so basically is like going to a drainage system to find your way that you drop but for this you have to feel your way out of this torturous maze while people pulling your leg. Scared rate 4/5 

Third House we visited was the : “Siloso Gateway Block 50” this haunted house , I would really say It's very impressive so I myself love watching THE WALKING DEAD they really turned the entire HDB flat/Apartment into a place infected with zombie whom are play as the people who lived there. It's like a ZOMBIE HOUSE but quite scary. Scared rate 4.5/5

Lastly the house we visited was the : "Hell House" Yeah it's a hell house of a Chinese version, it's the 18 level of hell filled with fear and horror you can never even expect from a Chinese hell. Normally Chinese would burn Paper doll as a respect / offering to the dead and this time the scary paper mache figures smiling blankly at you and laugh behind you as you walk your way out from the 18 level of hell , this house will have your goosebumps standing throughout the walk as I could really feel the heat of hell. Scared rate 5/5 

After our visit to the houses and scared zone , our half-dead zombie brought us to the ride where we don't have to queue at all , she just bring us straight to the ride without queuing cause we are the VIP man HAHAHA . Really I would say it's really worth of the VIP tour if you are going for this halloween event and you want to avoid the crowd so I would say VIP would be a deal for you if you don't mind paying a bit more then the normal standard ticket. *Not encouraging you guys to buy , it's just a review of the VIP Tour I experience. 

As the clock strike 12.30 am it's time for the Living to return back to safe heaven. 
Yeah , I am also really happy with the Gear S2 as it keep track of my heart rate while being scared by the Actor and Actress. And till now it's reminding me of my daily intake of Plain Water and keeping track of my walking and heart rate.

Thank You Samsung for designing such a awesome watch. 

If you like to try out the Gear S2 visit any Samsung Experience store now and give it a try.
Price at : $548 for the Classic and $438 for the Sport Version  
*I would say the classic has the best design if you like the hipster theme and classy look 

Halloween Horror Night Event Details:
Sentosa , USS
Dates: 2 – 3, 9 – 11, 16 – 18, 23 – 25 and 29 – 31 October 2015
Time: 7.30pm to 12.30am (1.30am on 10, 16 – 17, 23 – 24 and 30 – 31 October).
Event Ticket: S$68 and for VIP $200++ 
Special Thanks to Samsung and USS Resorts World Sentosa
For more information or sponsor email me at
Instagram ; @ionic_cong

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