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A taste of one tradition master.

 Hmmmmm, I always remember that when I was young dated back to 2000. My grandparent would always bring my out to a coffeehouse in Singapore and they would always order tradition bread toast with kaya ( Coconut egg jam) with butter it goes well with two hard boiled egg and a warm cup of Teh (Milk Tea). Then they would  dip my toast bread into the Teh as I would enjoy the taste as it brings out the fragrance of the Kaya and butter Toast bread but nowadays I hardly have time to turn back time to 2000 where I can enjoy the slow pace time where I enjoy my traditional breakfast with my grandparent.

But Recently I found a place that brings back the same old taste and feeling of the traditional breakfast and with my favourite drink Teh. And this place is located on the West side of  Singapore where my grandparent house uses to be and this shop has also a history can be traced back to the 1950S which offer lot's of local-styled breakfast which has my favourite drink Tea and with my favourite Toasted bread fill with kaya and butter and I would dip into my favourite old time drink. 

This old time favourite Coffeehouse is known as Heavenly Wang and this coffeehouse I visited is located in the heart of the west side (Jurong) 
Yeap, this is the New face of Jurong (*The Next Orchard) 
and this Coffeehouse (Heavenly Wang) is located in the heart of the healthcare 

(Ng Teng Fong Hospital) Level 1

A  brief Introduction of Wang and Heavenly Wang
Wang is a local Cafe that can be traced back to the 1950s and the cafe is used to be housed along Bugis Street in Singapore and they served local-styled traditional breakfast favourites.Wang served one of the best brews of kopi (Coffee), with a fragrant brown toasted bread with the Signature Wang Kaya Spread and with a nicely soft-boiled eggs which goes well with a dip of your bread in it. As for Heavenly Wang, they also serve the same local delights as Wang with some traditional confectionary which goes well with your beverages. Heavenly Wang also offers traditional brew Kopi, so any kopi lover and sit back and take a good taste and enjoy over good halal food.

Come Join me now to Experience a Taste of One tradition Master

So I decided to do a write up of this coffeehouse, after my few visit to Heavenly Wang as this place really bring back old memories of my childhood time with my grandparents when I visited them and also Jurong would be the Next Orchard So it's time to bring our the good food and cafe to Visit if you visit the West side of Singapore.

*This is Heavenly Wang, Their interior design of this cafe truly looks like the Old School Coffeehouse in the 90's with the old school gate, Biscuit Tin, Marble Table and Wooden stool and Guess what bring out the feeling? It's their food and drinks as it's prepared in a traditional way.

When you first walked into Heavenly Wang, the smell of the food & beverage fragrance that they are brewing freshly out from their kitchen and serving it hot to the customer. So as I walked into Heavenly Wang, I was greeted by the Outlet Manager (Jonathan) and he guided me to my seat which he reserved for the review to be taken place. Their design of the place of the seats is like the olden days Coffeehouse but with the twist of the modern design and the lighting of the Sofa, area brings out the great old feeling of the traditional light where we use old metal lamp and yellow light bulb which dated  back to the 90S.

*Love the feeling of this place as it makes your feel that time passes slowly while you enjoy that Hot Cup of fresh brew coffee and hot steaming Half Boiled egg with the Crispy toasted bread.

After settling down with all the equipment prepared for the photo taking and the props, it's time to get the review started but before the review takes place we need our main actor which is the Food and beverages which bring out the great old time. 

So our actors for today review would be Teh ( Milk Tea) - Can be served in Hot or Cold

Why Teh? What's Teh?

Teh is known as Milk Tea, where the tea leave is being brew with Hot water and filters out to extract the Hot steaming Tea and with the Mix of Two different type condensed milk. And the finally Served Hot right in Front of you. This Teh (Milk Tea) from Heavenly Wang brings back the good old memory of my childhood time with my grandparents, I use to have sweet tooth and my grandmother would just to custom special order my tea to suit my craving for tea as I don't like the taste of bitterness, therefore, she would always ask the Brewer to add more milk to cover the taste of bitterness and I would always tend to dip my toasted bread into the Teh as it brings out the sweetness of the Kaya and Butter Bread. 

Our next actress is Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread

What's Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread? Why so special?
Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread is also known as (Coconut Egg Jam) with a thin slice of Butter in a crispy toasted bread served fresh and hot out from the Oven. The bread would be cut into half where you get to see a slice of butter inside and best before you eat is to dip into any hot beverages you have and it brings out the nice sweet combination taste between the beverage and the toasted bread.

-Here at Heavenly Wang, their bread are served in brown sliced and the bread goes through a traditional way of toasted over hot grills which give out the crispy sound when you bite and a nice fragrance from the bread itself. And also, you can choose a wide variety of flavour you like your bread to be done but I  myself prefer the Wang Signature Kaya spread.

Our next Main actor is Mee Rebus 

 Mee Rebus 
*Even Sally is trying out the food tasting 

Heavenly Wang is better known for their Mee Siam, but they make a good Mee Rebus as well. Though not as meaty or robust but Heavenly Wang gravy is sufficiently rich and flavorful with a pleasing of sweet-spicy balance. The Slightly translucent gravy clings nicely to the yellow noodles. It's tasty but feels light and smooth all at once and garnished with garnished with tao po, boiled egg, Chinese celery, green chilli, and fried shallot. A squeeze of fresh lime would add up a special taste and brightens up the dish.
Our Last Main Actor is Laksa

What's Laksa? What is he Fishing for?

Paul today is fishing at his new spot at Heavenly Wang. Paul said today his goal is to catch a fish in this spicy soup stock the colour of a flaming sunset, flavoured with coconut milk, curry and dried shrimp, and topping with Tofu, fish cake and egg. But when he was fishing, the thick vermicelli in the soup has tangled up with his fishing rod and this vermicelli is easy to be break apart can be easily slurped up with a spoon. His catch for today was only some vermicelli and a half-boiled Egg *

Full Review of Wang
It was a great experience to review on Heavenly Wang. Their food and drinks would always bring back old time memory where time passes slowly and enjoying every bite with your love ones. 

*They have outlet in the west

Location 1: 1 Jurong East St 21, #01-02, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Tower B Singapore 609606
Opening Hours: Daily 7.30am-9.30pm

Price Range: SGD 3 Dollars to SGD 9 Dollars.
They have valued Set Meal which comes with a Toasted Bread and A Warm Cup of Drinks
*Every Singaporean Dream is to have Promotion and Wang is giving you a great deal!
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, you will get a 1 for 1 Kopi/Teh. So you can grab a friend of yours and head down to any Wang or Heavenly Wang Outlet. *Term and condition apply
 (You guys must LIKE their FB page to enjoy this promotion)

Check out their Website for Menu and Store Locator: 

Overall Review: 4.5/5

Food that you must try out: Toasted kaya butter Bread, Mee Siam and Mee Rebus!
Beverages that you must try out: Teh (Milk Tea) and Kopi (Coffee) Served in Hot is the best!

Thank You

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