Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finally after a long exam period...

Finally on May 16 my exam ended , the paper was art only my favourite subject but my school was so stupid and place the exam timing on 9.45am and i have to reach school at 7.25am. WTF but i still arrive on time but i had a bad stomach ache which i play Jackpack joy during my shitting , What a great start of my day. After my shitting i continue with my day , when to the art to complete my final work and some touching up on my art. Finally the time came to 9.30am i start my art exam and have to sit the exam for 3hrs until 12.45am which everyone had left the school and celebrate. My final work for my art work was so weird i only complete half of it but at least i still do it. After all the exam and exam finally i had a break , my break start to have Duck rice and went to imm and shop after that once i reaches home : bath , movie , movie and movie until there is no tomorrow. All of this fun pay off after studying for a week or 3 week , Friday will be going for boating and spend time will my friends. Shall continue after my movie. First movie will be Tropic thunder :D

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