Friday, 21 June 2013

The Haze.

Singapore weather is getting worse! Because of the haze from Indonesia , always during June or July they will start burning the forest to clean the land to plant vegetable and fruit and it is the cheapest way to make a profit. Guess what i learn this? From Geography.Nah hack care about that now the real issues is the haze, on 19 June 2013 when i return back from Thailand the first time i step out of the airport i cough*** because at that time the haze PSI was 190 quite a unsafe spot to stay in the public/outdoor. The PSI raise to a very bad spot on 21 June 2013 the highest was 401 PSI while i start feeling bad and feel like vomit but lucky today there is a movie marathon from 1 pm till 7 pm with friends just to relax and hang out together wearing cool mask and enjoying the new box movie. But should we blame Indonesia of all the stuff they done? On this question i could not answer because some factory at there was open by Singaporean and Malaysian so they also have a part to blame too. Every-time before i go out i had to wear mask with i am not use too but i did wear to protect myself from all this haze , mask at this time is very expensive because everyone wants to wear it and keep themselves from haze free but the mask in Singapore when out of stock and if there is stock the price of the mask is quite expensive and today i saw people fight over a box of mask like how they fight? they challenge each other who can pay the most i was like WTS!! Am i attending a Auction or going shopping? But lucky i got my mask for free thank to my father friend. Why free? He working in a chemical factory which need lot of mask and they bought alot so lucky my father had this friend so we ask could we get a box at a price but they gave it to us for free.So i really just hope there is a big wind got blow the haze to some where else in the world but not Singapore because i am just seeing people suffering from the haze.

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