Tuesday, 25 June 2013

World War S

I have about 5 days before school reopen. This is like 4 more days to Zombie Apocalypse and i will be chase by zombie and surviving till the end. The Zombie will be my teacher because they will chase me for homework and make sure i goes for extra lesson after school while surviving till the end is i have to survive the chasing , nagging and homework till i have finish my N level. From that day i finish my N level exam i will be going for private studies or overseas studies and i will be enjoying all the party will my classmates , prom and lot of party i plan in advance or got invited. So now have to Stay Calm and Studies and my goal for N level is At least 4 B and 1 C will do or 2 A i will be happy , So now how i am going to spend my 5 days while be sleeping , movie , hangout , shopping , cycling , dance , computer , talking , chatting and tweeting. Hais what am i think i cannot spend time on this stuff it seem so boring i have to Double all the thing i listed out then will be fun. Saturday and Sunday i am sure i will not have enough free time for myself because I have volunteer myself in this Jurong Lake Run have to stay there from 9am till 9pm hais why But it was quite a fun event to take part cause i get to meet more people from other school i get to spend more time with my friends will doing all the hard work but hard work do pay off. This is the First CIP that give allowance for us to spend and Free food and drinks this make me sound so auntie , but have to work first then money comes into my pocket. Now i know earning money is very hard so got to spend money wisely next time. After sat and sun my zombie apocalypse will start and i will have to start working harder to survive and do not get left behind. T-mius 129 hours and 15 minutes.

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