Friday, 9 January 2015

Check up Day.

Today was quite a great and tiring day , as i have to travel two place in a day for a medical check up and treatment. Hmmm today morning i had a meeting with my school mates and teacher for a brunch at a local shopping mall in singapore , it's been quite a long time since we last met each other everyone is busy with exam and lot of thing's to do in 2014. So we met up for 2 hrs and had a great brunch treat by my teacher and the brunch was awesome and the food is great ( just that i find the beef over cook too much already as i want medium rare) But anyway the food was great and cheap and quite worth of money to spend on this type of food. After brunch, we walk around the mall as we are too full till my stomach is rejecting for dessert hahahaha. So after walking around like a chicken without a head and finally everything had to end as everyone had plans in the evening and me tooo. It was about 2pm local time in sg , i had to go for my appointment for my full body check up as i do this annually just to ensure that my body is working perfectly fine and i have to go through quite a lot of testing like running , blood and sweating just to test that my body is fine and i am healthy. After my check up at the hospital , i have another appointment with my Facial doctor as my face is having outbreaks and it's a new year and we have too make everything new. So my doctor help me to do a minor surgery on my face and a few treatment and to ensure that my face will not have scar and pimples again , then he help me to do some cleaning on my face. But seriously you will be wondering like why do guy do facial or even do treatment? hahaha Actually this is a question that most of my friend has been asking me about and my answer i that : the body is yours and it's how you want to take good care of it. But anyways i had a great dinner at a local pizza shop which is pizza hut hahaha i am like really a guy that is going around to eat during my holiday hahahaha. But anyways i had a great and tiring day so how about you guys? how do you spend you day today?

Signing off

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