Monday, 5 January 2015

Start of a new beginning. 2015

It's been a long time since i came back online and start blogging for quite a few month already, i was too busy and my school work and had no time to blog about what happen for the past few month. But 2014 was a great year and it was also a painful one for my 2014 as lot of things around me were happening and i had to find thing to do to just occupied me as it's painful to remember what i have gone through. Nahhhh it's ok actually , everyone fall in their life and they have to stand back up on their own as we have to be independent and to walk ourselves. Had a great start on 2015 as i got to celebrate the new year with my friend and family member and we really had a great time on the new year eve as we enter into 2015. (kinda spend my time at marina bay and orchard road singapore) I had a really great present today as my gift from the start of 2015 is by falling sick as i am running fever and school is starting next week arhhh on the 12th of Jan. Anyway would recover soon as i had prepare a video with my friend for the school reopen this coming 12th of Jan 2015 , it's a secret and if you are wondering what is it about you can check out my Youtube channel : ionic_cong and the link would be attached below. Had some plans for 2015 and have quite a list of thing i would like to complete by the end of 2015 , my list consist of health , education and relationship. Would be working hard towards my goal as i had not complete it  for the past few year and now it would be better to start soon as i would be turning 18 soon by 23 March. Hmmmmmmm i think it's time for me to rest and i would promise that i would try everything to bring my blog back to live and do check out my Youtube channel.

This is the link to my Youtube channel , do share and support me Thank You

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