Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ending Of My first week of School.

Yeah , it's finally Sunday night and it's coming to a end to my first week of school reopen and lot of exciting thing's have happen just in that week. Hmm I can say that Singapore Life as a student is quite tough too cause my sleeping hours during holiday is about 10 to 12 hrs when school reopen is only 5 to 6 hrs only haha , plus i have to wake up by 5am if it's 8am lessson and 10am lesson i have to wake up by 6am. I have decided to do a video with my friend ( Aqilah) about our Vlog to school and how we manage to travel to school with singapore mode of transport. So we come out with a Vlog ideas on the way that we are coming to school btw my school is all the way to the East of Singaore. HAHAHA anyway first day of school was the usual i get to see my course mate and they get to see me and i get to see my new teacher's but during the first day of school something bad happen cause my Class Form teacher is leaving this school cause he have a new working life outside so he only have 19 working days left with us. That's really sad cause he is really a very amazing teacher we can get in the school but yet he is quite annoying and funny at sometime but we really have a very fun time with him , so we have decided to give him a farewell present and hope the best for him in his working life and future. I had a amazing day in school during this week cause i also get to see my junior but they look older then us sia hahaha why? i am your senior and you look older then us hias. Yet it's still happy cause there are quite a few of pretty ones hahaha you get what i mean. Anyway should stop talking about my school back to my life , i had quite a few offer by some friend for some jobs but sadly had to reject them. Had a short meet up with them for dinner and movie dates and some chats on some topic but it seem boring quite it's quite fun hahaha. Anyways this year it's a new year and i hope school would be fun and not boring , new year means new image so i have under go some changes if you guy notice on my previous blog and had a new hair cut. Anyways i hope you guys had a enjoyable week ahead of you and stay healthy is the most important key factor here.

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Have a enjoyable day.
Signing off

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