Friday, 20 March 2015

What a great march.

Sorry guys in advance , for not blogging for the past few month's as it's a very busy month for me as School has started long ago and i had no time to blog. This march i would say it's the best march i even experience cause i had lot of exciting news and gift from family and friends member , why i would say this is a exciting month for march? Cause i am like finally going to turn 18 this year by the 23 march 2015. I had received one of the bet present was a GEAR S (SAMSUNG) from my parent's as i kind of have been hinting them on the gift i want. And to my surprise i finally got my Smart Watch as a birthday present. Hmmm the next gift was from : I manage to become a Brand Ambassador and people who shop at ZALORA with my Code would get a 15% on any purchase at Zalora with a new account. My code for Zalora is  (ZBAPQZ9V) use the code given to Receive a 15% discount. Do Support with the code given to shop at a cheaper and much stress free on the item you are paying for. As Provides Free Delivery and refund when you get's your Size Wrong.

So this was one of the best gift i received from both my parent's and Zalora. But this are just a few gift from them as i also received gift from Neighbor and friends too but just not going to blog about it as You may find me Long winded. HAHA  Last few days , i attended a talk by SINGAPORE YOUTH BUDGET by the BUDGET SINGAPORE where we comment on where and why this idea was given by the government of SINGAPORE. During the talk , i manage to get to ask question and to my surprise i appeared on TV channel 8 where i was asking a question. Hmmm I was not prepare to appeared on tv cause i think i had a bad hair day on that day. hahaha
So this me on tv where i am asking a question and i think it's very unglam. HAHA Kind of change the look on me by wearing a needy Spec's. But it's actually a great chance to be on TV for a few second. As there is this saying Frame can happen within Seconds. Such a Wise word by that person who came out with this Phase. With more inform on how and where the code or where to use the code : Please check out my instagram at @IONIC_CONG (Place where social media get's people together in one place to share the joy) So do check out my insta or any other social media with @IONIC_CONG and Hope everyone have a great month ahead of you. Thank's 

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