Monday, 15 April 2013

I need a favor from all of you....

Recently i have took part in a competition call My take on water , This competition is held in singapore which is to celebrate singapore PUB for 50 years already. Water is the source of life. As PUB marks its 50th Anniversary this year, we want to remember how far we have come in our water journey. In less than five decades, Singapore overcame its water shortages, despite a lack of natural water resources and pollution in its rivers. Today, we can be proud of a robust, diversified and sustainable water supply through our four National Taps, catering to the country's continued growth and meeting the needs of its population. So I took part to promote singapore about water life : my photo is about "Every-dropof water does count". Here is the Link : I need all the vote from all of your :D You need to login in order to vote because the vote counts the most. Here a guide:
I really hope i can win this competition so i hope all of my blog viewer can help me do a favor by voting for me and sharing it among with your friends. THANK You

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