Friday, 19 April 2013

Trying to play apart in society..

I have painted a painting of four season in this world , but in Singapore there are no four season so i have image something like four season but in different color and i only painted a black tree with no leave because i would want to symbolism that some people in this world only can see a few color but black and white is the common color , that most people see. So i mix the bright and dull color together to create a painting and i hope i can find some people who can support me by helping me raise fund for the needy people in Singapore or the people in my school who need financial support. I hope i can find someone who appreciate the painting and so have the heart to help people around us.
sorry for the unclear image.  But i really hope i can play apart in my society and raising fund for them , if i am able to find someone can help me and the price for the painting will be at any bid. Trying to raise hundred or thousand if possible. Thank You

If interested please email me: or whatsapp me at :85561706  
The donation will really be donated to my school or any charity fund, i will prove that i have donated the money to charity so i hope all of you can support me.

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