Monday, 15 April 2013

Intro about Me..

I am a guy born in Indonesia but i am a Singaporean now , Born on 23 march 1997. I am a guy who do not really blog but after a few thought i have decided to learn how to blog , I have instagram : ionic_cong , Facebook will be:  and my twitter account is    : People who i look up to is Lady GAGA , Parents and my friends something about myself that you should know i am easy going and love watching movie. Why am i Born in Indonesia because at that time my parent when Indonesia for work and i was due next month because i have decided to come out early that my family expected. My school life is very normal and awesome I get to know lot of friends and their background , Now i am in a secondary school life which i am taking N level this year. I am so stress about N Level now a day but to get of stress i listen to music and eat ice cream. I love taking photo and love arts alot if you know me better you will know why :D This is how i look like:

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